TUESDAY: 6 December 2022. Morning Paper. Time Allowed: 2 hours.

Answer ALL questions by indicating the letter (A, B, C or D) that represents the correct answer. This paper is made up of fifty (50) Multiple Choice Questions. Each question is allocated two (2) marks.

1. Different servers provide different services. Servers are dedicated, meaning they are created to do one thing and cannot change. Which of the following is NOT a type of a server?

A. File server
B. Desktop server
C. Print server
D. Web server (2 marks)

2. Windows Deployment Service is a server role that gives administrators the ability to deploy Windows operating systems remotely. Which one of the following is NOT an advantage of Windows Deployment Services?

A. WDS-based installation is easy and efficient due to network-based installation
B. WDS-based installation reduces the cost and complexity of installation
C. There is no support for mixed environments deployment
D. There is support for both server and client computers installation (2 marks)

3. Which of the following is the current trend for acquiring web pages’ storage space?

A. Donation
B. Buying disks
C. Leasing
D. Recycling disks (2 marks)

4. Choose the server resource that requires redundancy for better performance.

A. Network interface
B. Screen
C. Mouse
D. Keyboard (2 marks)

5. What factor is NOT considered when selecting a server class hardware for a big organisation?

A. Compatibility
B. Speed
C. Warranty
D. User friendliness (2 marks)

6. Which network transmission would be the LEAST suitable to use in a server connection?

A. Fiber
B. Coaxial cable
C. Twisted pair cable
D. Blue tooth (2 marks)

7. When SCSI disks are used in high end PCs and servers, the controller maintains a list of _________ on the disk that is initialized during ________ formatting which sets aside spare sectors not visible to the operating system. (2 marks)

A. Destroyed blocks, high level
B. Bad blocks, partitioning
C. Bad blocks, low level
D. Destroyed blocks, partitioning

8. Securing a firewall is the vital first step to ensure only authorized administrators have access to it. This can be achieved through the carrying out the following EXCEPT?

A. Update with the latest firmware
B. Deleting, disabling, or renaming default accounts and changing default passwords
C. Enabling the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), which collects and organizes information about devices on IP networks.
D. Restricting outgoing and incoming network traffic for specific applications or the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) (2 marks)

9. Which of the following is always unique to a computer regardless of time and place?

A. MAC address
B. IP address
C. Serial number
D. Computer name (2 marks)

10. Which of the following is NOT a benefit of disk defragmentation in a server?

A. Improves overall server performance
B. Reduces chances of losing files
C. Improves disk Speed
D. Makes a disk last longer (2 marks)

11. In networking, a protocol is a standardized set of rules for formatting and processing data. Protocols enable computers to communicate with one another. Choose a protocol that is used to secure servers in a network.

D. SMB (2 marks)

12. The server protocol ports are also divided into TCP ports and UDP ports. Which one of the following is NOT a type of a TCP port?

D. SMTP (2 marks)

13. Which of the following is NOT a type of a disk quota?

A. Access
B. Usage
C. Block
D. File (2 marks)

14. Which of the following statements is TRUE about user authentication?

A. Ability to perform a task as a user
B. Authentication is a privilege
C. It deters a user from doing some actions
D. Checks whether one is what he claims to be. (2 marks)

15. Which of the following action is carried out by a privileged user during printer management?

A. Printing
B. Installation
C. Loading paper
D. Repairing a printer (2 marks)

16. Which of the following actions constitutes system recovery?

A. Copying files
B. Restoring a system
C. Copying changes not in a full backup
D. Removing old unwanted files. (2 marks)

17. A quick “picture” of a server including its files, software and settings at a particular point in time that is instant, and preserve a point in time state of the server is called?

A. Rollback
B. Backup
C. Snapshot
D. Virtual machine (2 marks)

18. A virtual machine can be viewed as?

A. Client computer
B. The main network server
C. A mirror copy of a server
D. Implementation of a hardware in software (2 marks)

19. Which of the following is the use of a network tester tool?

A. Check computers in a network
B. Check if a cable is correctly clipped
C. Check if a network card is working properly
D. Test storage spaces (2 marks)

20. The following are some of the advantages of Hyper-V in Windows Server EXCEPT?

A. It simplifies the procedures involved in setting up test labs.
B. You can reduce the number of physical servers that must be deployed in the server room, thereby saving space and power requirements.
C. Security is reduced because server virtualization increases exposure of virtual servers that contain sensitive information.
D. Hyper-V leverages other server components such as failover clustering to improve server availability. (2 marks)

21. Jacob, a system admin used the command arp -a to manage a network on a server. What is the purpose of the command?

A. To show computers physical address
B. Renew all computer IP address
C. To send a giant packet in the network
D. To restart the network (2 marks)

22. Which statement below BEST describes a system virtual machine?

A. A machine with only a CPU virtualized
B. The main machine hosting the virtual machine
C. A machine with only the memory virtualized
D. A machine fully virtualized on a physical machine (2 marks)

23. You have a Server named server1. Which cmdlet should you use to identify whether the DNS Server role is installed on server1?

A. Find-ServerPackage
B. Get-Package
C. Find-Package
D. Get-WindowsOptionalFeature (2 marks)

24. Which tool is recommended for changing the server local settings?

A. Powershell
C. Notepad
D. Server admin GUI tool (2 marks)

25. Which of the following ports is associated with HTTP?

A. 25
B. 53
C. 80
D. 44 (2 marks)

26. Which of the following is NOT a function of a firewall in a network?

A. Substitute active directory
B. Control access of institution website
C. Prevents leakage of internal information
D. Strengthen network security (2 marks)

27. Disk partitioning can be referred to as?

A. Backing up the disk
B. Protecting the disk
C. Preparing a disk for use
D. Creating of logical drives in one disk (2 marks)

28. The server administrator in your organization would like to show all the processes running, which windows command will he use?

A. W32tm
B. Tasklist
C. Dir
D. Show run (2 marks)

29. Dorcas wants to publish a printer to an Active Directory. Where would she click in order to accomplish this task?

A. The Sharing tab
B. The Advanced tab
C. The Device Settings tab
D. The Printing Preferences button (2 marks)

30. Alice is working on a Windows Server 2016 Datacenter Server system. She needs to view which roles and services are installed on the machine. Which PowerShell cmdlet can she use to see this?

A. Get-event
B. New-event
C. Trace-command
D. Get-WindowsFeature (2 marks)

31. Which of the following is NOT an important server feature for all servers?

A. Large memory
B. Fast CPU
C. Fast network
D. Huge secondary storage (2 marks)

32. Chose a server feature which an administrator can manage.

A. Memory speed
B. Folders access
C. Every network conditions
D. Storage access speed (2 marks)

33. The network consists of a single domain named All servers on the network have Windows Server 2019 installed. You are running a training exercise for junior administrators and you are currently discussing printer pooling. Which of the following is TRUE with regards to printer pooling?

A. Printers in a pool must be of the same model, and use the same printer driver.
B. Each printer in the pool must have a different printer driver.
C. Printer ports used in the pool must be of the same type.
D. The types of printer ports used in the pool must be mixed. (2 marks)

34. A common server licenses in windows servers is?

A. Freeware
B. Shareware
C. Proprietary
D. Open source (2 marks)

35. A system administrator wants to change the memory of a virtual machine that is currently powered up. What does he need to do?

A. Shut down the virtual machine, use the virtual machine’s settings to change the memory, and start it again.
B. Use the virtual machine’s settings to change the memory.
C. Pause the virtual machine, use the virtual machine’s settings to change the memory, and resume it.
D. Save the virtual machine, use the virtual machine’s settings to change the memory, and resume it. (2 marks)

36. Which of the following is NOT a common device in servers?

A. Network port
B. Graphics processing unit
C. Mouse
D. Keyboard (2 marks)

37. Which of the following is NOT an installation method?

A. Unattended
B. Attended
C. Silent
D. Core (2 marks)

38. A junior administrator in your company needs to back up the existing data on a computer before she can install a new application. She also needs to ensure that you are able to recover individual user files that are replaced or deleted during the installation. What should she do?

A. Create a System Restore point.
B. Perform an Automated System Recovery (ASR) backup and restore.
C. In the Windows Server Backup utility, click the Backup Once link.
D. In the Backup and Restore Center window, click the Back Up Computer button. (2 marks)

39. What is a guest machine in virtualization?

A. A computer that hosts Guest
B. A Virtual Machine
C. A Virtual Machine that hosts other Virtual Machines
D. A temporary Virtual Machine (2 marks)

40. Which of the following is the CORRECT definition of a Windows Domain?

A. Computers managed by a Domain Controller
B. Printers managed by a single server
C. A group of Windows Servers
D. A group of users (2 marks)

41. Which one of the following is NOT a valid Active Directory object?

A. User Account
B. File Share
C. Group Policy Object
D. Group (2 marks)

42. Hyper-V lets you run multiple operating systems as virtual machines on Windows. What is the first software to load at boot time for a machine running Hyper-V?

A. Windows operating system
B. Hypervisor
C. Both the OS and hypervisor simultaneously
D. Virtual machines and applications (2 marks)

43. What IP address should one put as the default gateway of the server?

A. The IP address of the router
B. The IP address of the DNS server
C. You should not specify this option
D. The IP address of the Windows Domain (2 marks)

44. Choose the statement that BEST defines a DHCP exclusion?

A. A single IP address that is not to be supplied to clients by DHCP
B. A range of IP addresses that are not to be supplied to clients by DHCP
C. A number of static IP addresses that cannot be supplied to clients by DHCP
D. A single static IP address that cannot be supplied to clients by DHCP (2 marks)

45. What type of IP address is needed for a device to be visible on the Internet?

A. Public
B. Binary
C. Class B
D. Subnetted (2 marks)

46. A restriction that prevents any executable from running except for those that have been specifically allowed by an administrator in a server is called?

A. Basic user
B. Disallowed
C. Power-user
D. Unrestricted (2 marks)

47. The process of granting users access to files in a server is called?

A. Authentication
B. Authorisation
C. Allocation
D. Assignment (2 marks)

48. Which of the following is NOT a type of DNS record?

A. Cname record
B. A record
C. AAAA record
D. Database records (2 marks)

49. How many DHCP servers can you have on a network?

A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four (2 marks)

50. The fastest RAID in a server is?

D. RAID 0 (2 marks)

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