MONDAY: 5 December 2022. Afternoon Paper. Time Allowed: 3 hours.

Answer ALL questions. This paper has two sections. SECTION I has twenty (20) short response questions. Each question is allocated two (2) marks. SECTION II has three (3) practical questions of sixty (60) marks. Marks allocated to each question are shown at the end of the question.

Required Resources:

  • Windows Server 2016/2019/2022 image
  • Oracle Virtual box
  • Linux/Windows computer


1. An institution has a policy in place to undertake a full backup every Sunday. Every other day of the week, staff members are required to back up only the changes since the last full backup. State the name of the backup type to be used for Thursday. (2 marks)

2. The installation feature in network operating system that provides a minimal environment for running specific server
roles such as reduction of the maintenance and management requirements is known as: (2 marks)

3. What is name given to the network operating system tool intended to duplicate, test and deliver new installation
based on an established installation? (2 marks)

4. A consortium that has been operational for a good number of years have requested you to setup 10 servers and 20 workstations. Windows deployment services are used whenever a new workstation is setup. Advise on the tool to be used to automate installation with little human interaction. (2 marks)

5. Group policy has been used to manage users and computers in Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) running on network operating system. State what you would use to view the effect of applied group policy on individual computer. (2 marks)

6. A user account is an identity created for a person in a computer or computing system. You are required to grant a set of users permissions to a specific folder. State the group in which the user accounts should be placed. (2 marks)

7. A computer network for a Law firm contains Active Directory domain named The Active Directory Recycle bin is enabled for A support technician accidentally deletes a user account named learnedfriend1. You need to restore the learnedfriend1 account. Write down the appropriate tool that should be used. (2 marks)

8. State the command utility that provides management facilities for Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) and
Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS). (2 marks)

9. State the name given to a security feature in Network operating system to prevent unauthorised changes to the
operating system. (2 marks)

10. Write down the protocol that uses an arbitrary authentication method, such as certificates, smart cards, or credentials on network operating system. (2 marks)

11. Which settings of a Network operating system (NOS) can be configured on a log file server for data collected to ensure the contents are automatically deleted when the file reaches 100MB in size? (2 marks)

12. An in-depth analysis on a network showed it contained a Hyper-V host named Server1 that hosts 20 virtual machines. You need to view the amount of memory resources and processor resources each virtual machine uses currently. Which tool can be used on the server to view the amount of memory and processor resources used by each of the virtual machine? (2 marks)

13. Which feature that is used to control the types of files users can save and generate notifications when users attempt to save unauthorised files in a network operating system? (2 marks)

14. State the tool that could be used to track all connections to shared resources on a Network operating system? (2 marks)

15. The policy setting which when enabled ensures file access, modification and deletion can be tracked in the event log is referred to as? (2 marks)

16. Indicate the tool in network operating system that can be used by administrators to examine the way system programs are running and their effect on performance. (2 marks)

17. The administrative tool which provides a view of all organisational units, domains and sites across an enterprise is called____________________. (2 marks)

18. Which command utility can be used to create Network Access Protection event to trace log files in client computer? (2 marks)

19. What is the name given to the tool used to mount a Network operating system image from Virtual Hard Disk (VHD)
file? (2 marks)

20. State the name of the graphical user interface (GUI) tool with scope pane on left used to navigate Active Directory
namespace. (2 marks)



Install Oracle virtual box and Window server image to your computer and answer the following questions:

Required Resources:

  • Windows server 2016/2019/2022 Image
  • Oracle Virtual box
  • Linux/Windows computer

Create a word processing document named “Task Manager” and use it to save your answers to questions 1 to 5.

21. Task manager, which is regarded as a system monitor is very common with the Network operating system. It assists
in giving information about computer performance and running software.

Using task manager of your Network operating system:

1. Capture a screenshot of statuses that are running and stopped. (4 marks)

2. Display the current CPU utilisation. (3 marks)

3. Display the streams of instructions currently running. (3 marks)

4. Click on the memory chart and display the following:

Total physical memory (MB). (2 marks)

Total available memory. (2 marks)

5. Click on the Ethernet chart and display the following:

Link speed. (2 marks)

Network Connection. (2 marks)

IPv4 address in use. (2 marks)

Capture and save screenshots to show how you have performed the above task.

Upload “Task Manager” document.

(Total: 20 marks)

22. Create a word processing document named “Memory Usage” and use it to save your answers to questions 1 to 5

With the help of task manager, perform the following:

1.  Click on Memory heading and state the effect exhibited on the columns. (4 marks)

2. Display the memory usage to be in percentage values. (4 marks)

3. State the way memory usage in Percent values could be useful to a system administrator (2 marks)

4. Display list of the usernames which are logged into the system. (4 marks)

5. Display the tabs that perform the following:

List the processes that are started automatically. (2 marks)

Lists the historical resources usage (2 marks)

Displays process information such as process ID (PID), status, and memory utilisation. (2 marks)

Upload “Memory usage” document.

(Total: 20 marks)

23. Create a word processing document named “Virtual memory” and use it to save answers to questions 1 to 4 below:
Virtual memory is a common technique used in Network operating systems. It is used on both hardware and
software to enable a computer compensate for physical memory shortages, temporarily transferring data from
random access memory (RAM) to disk storage.


1. List current size of the virtual memory (paging file) used by your network operating system. (4 marks)

2. Display the Drive [Volume Label] that contains the paging file. (6 marks)

3. Capture a screenshot to illustrate the way you can use Disk Management to create a second partition with at least 2GB. (6 marks)

4. Capture a screenshot showing configuration of the virtual memory using the recommended file size in the Initial size (MB) field and file size in the Maximum size (MB) field. (4 marks)

Upload “Virtual memory” document.

(Total: 20 marks)

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