Sections of a Report

1. The title
The title should be concise but comprehensive. The situation stated briefly together with name of company and date of the event. E.g. Report on staffing levels in the general office, William engineering on Friday 15th December 2006.

2. Background
This contains two kinds of information. Brief descriptions of circumstances under discussion and outline of the procedure/method of inquiry used by writer. e.g. On Friday 15th December the general office was staffed only by Mr. Jones and the other four staff
members were absent. As a result the services available were limited. I have discussed the matter in confidence with each member of staff involved and also with other departments which were concerned.

3. Findings
This is the part of report. It presents in simple clear, unbiased terms an account of the events or circumstances which form the subject of the report.

Principles to follow when preparing the findings
1. Organize your material in sections according to subject area and present each one under a clear descriptive heading which could be clearly numbered.
2. Write in clear, single style points under consideration only. Don’t note from or numbered from below your findings.
3. Include only those statistics that are really essential to support your points. The findings do not interpret, they only give the observations
4. Conclusions
This means that section of report that interprets the facts and the observations represented in the findings. It presents direct and clear interpretation of event or circumstances.

Basic Principles of presenting conclusions
1. Conclusions should be presented under the same series of subject heading as findings and in the same order with the same system of numbering.
2. It should be written in simple continuous prose.
3. Do not include statistics or graphs or maps which have not been included in the findings.
5. Recommendations
It’s the final section of a report and it puts forward future course of action concerning the topic under investigation.

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