Types of business reports

1. Based on legal formulations reports are of two kinds

  • Formal Reports
    They are prepared in prescribed form and presented accordingly to an established procedure to prescribed authority.
  • Informal Reports
    Usually inform of person to person communication and usually submitted in form of letter or memo.

Formal reports can be divided into two:-

  • Statutory reports – They are prepared and presented according to the form and procedure laid down by law. e.g. the directors of a company are required to submit a statutory report to the share holders in annual general meeting.
  • Non statutory reports
    Are formal reports which are not required under any law. e.g. management may require a departmental head to write a report on a certain issue.

2. Based on number of persons writing a report

  • Report by individuals
  • Report by committee or sub committee

3 On the basis of nature of reports

  • Periodic or routine reports
  • Progress reports
  • Examination reports
  • Recommendation reports
  • Statistical reports
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