Principles and Practice of Management 2017 November Knec Past Paper

1. Outline five characteristics of management.
2. Explain five reasons that could make plans fail to achieve set objectives. (10 marks)
3. Explain five consequences of adopting a poorly designed organization structure.
4. Outline five measures that should be taken to ensure effective .coordination, in the organization. (10 marks)
5. Explain five limitations of using budgets as a tool of control.
6. Explain five benefits that an organization may derive from using employment agencies to recruit employees. (10 marks)
7. Outline five challenges that managers may face in leading modem day organizations. (10 marks)
8. Explain five benefits of visionary leadership to an organization.
9. Outline five factors that may motivate employees according to Hcrtzberg’s Two Factor
10. The overall purpose of management is to ensure the smooth running of the organization Moderations. Explain^ five ways in which management fulfils this purpose.
11. Explain five challenges that may be encountered when implementing plans in an
12. Explain five factors that may influence the nature of decisions made by the management of an organization.
13. Modem managed are expected to continuously monitor the market environment for. their goods and services., Explain Jive reasons why this is necessary. (10 marks)
14. Explain five ways in which managers can apply the positive reinforcement theory advocated by B. F. Skinner to motivate employees>

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