Principles and Practice of Management 2016 November Knec Past Paper

1.Give five reasons that make it necessary for organizations to carry out the function of
2. Explain six personal factors that are likely to influence the choice of leadership style adopted by a manager in an organization. (12 marks)
3. Outline five benefits that an organization may derive from sourcing for employees through the Internet. (10 marks)
4. Explain five factors that may influence the span of control in an organization.
5. Explain six external factors that may positively influence an organizations’ employee recruitment process.
6. Highlight five measures that the management of an organization should take to ensure that selection interviews achieve their intended purpose. (10 marks)
7. Explain five consequences of an ineffective control system in an organization.
8. Outline four characteristics that an autocratic leader may possess.
9. Highlight five challenges that may be encountered by managers during an organization’s plan implementation stage. (10 marks)
10. Outline five assumptions of Theory Y as was advanced by McGregor in the motivation of employees in an organization
11. Outline five functions of the top level management in an organization.
12. Highlight five benefits that an organization may derive from effective coordination of its activities.
13. Explain five criticisms that are labelled against the use of the scientific theory in modem management practice.  (10 marks)

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