Principle and Practice of Marketing 2019 July Knec Past Paper

Suba Limited has adopted the societal marketing concept in its operations. Explain five benefits that the firm will derive from adopting this concept. n<> ,.(10 marks)
Explain five reasons that may contribute to slow adoption of a new product in the market. (10 marks)
Outline six corporate social responsibility activities which an organisation may engage (12 marks)
(b) Secondary sources of information may be used to gather market intelligence. Explain four challenges that a researcher may face when using such sources. (8 marks)
Explain five decisions which a marketing manager may make when managing channels of distribution. (10 marks)
Explain five ways in which customers may interpret a firm’s reduction in product prices. (10 marks)
Maridadi Limited is a new company and it intends to start advertising its products.
Outline the criteria it should use when choosing the media to use.
Explain five advantages of using online marketing.
Proto Enterprises Limited uses publicity and public relations to promote its products.
Explain four advantages that the firm gets from using this method.
Describe the five adopter categories in consumer buying behaviour.
City Limited recently established a customer care department. Outline five roles that the department will be performing
Outline six external factors which a firm should consider when setting prices of its products. (12 marks)
Sanaa Limited is a major distributor in Mombasa. Describe four major physical distribution functions which the firm performs. Pwykt (8 marks)
(b) Explain six causes of customer dissatisfaction in a service business. (12 marks)

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