Principle and Practice of Marketing 2018 November Knec Past Paper

Lulu Ltd has introduced several new products into the market lately. Explain five possible reasons that may have made the organization to take such a move. (10 marks)
Organizations derive certain benefits from adopting the marketing concept philosophy in their marketing operation. Explain five such benefits. (10 marks)
Outline five reasons that have made customer care important to many organizations. (10 marks)
Lopra Ltd, a fast moving consumer Goods manufacturer, intends to evaluate levels of customer saticfaction Explain five ways that the organization could undertake this exercise. (10 marks
Talu Ltd intends to undertake a marketing research exercise through oral interviews.
Outline five advantages of using such a method. (10 marks)
Zigwe Ltd is in the process of setting price on it’s new range of washing detergents.
Outline five objectives that the organization could pursue through its pricing policy. (10 marks)
An organization can obtain market intelligence information from various sources.
Highlight five of these sources. (10 marks)
Jopex Ltd has lately adopted aggressive sales promotion on its products. Explain five reasons why this move could be detrimental to the organization in the long run. (10 marks)
Explain five reasons that would make an organization opt to use retailers in the distribution of its products. (10 marks)
Patrol Ltd intends to reduce individual produces costs instead of increasing the final price on its products. Highlight five strategies that the organization could adopt to achieve the goal. (10 marks)
Luzida Ltd has decided to adopt skimming pricing strategy on it’s newly introduced brand of mobile phone. Explain five reasons for using such a strategy.
Explain five ways in which the nature of a product could influence the choice of a distribution channel by an organization. (10 marks)
Explain any five benefits of using questionnaires as a method of carrying out a marketing research exercise. (10 marks)
Hindi Ltd is in the process of selecting a media to advertise its products. Explain five factors that the organization could consider in the selection of media. (10 marks)

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