Principle and Practice of Marketing 2017 July Knec Past Paper

Explain five areas that channel members may be trained on in order to perform their roles more effectively. (10 marks)
Gems Limited has been experiencing a gradual decline in sales for the last two years.
Explain six factors that may be contributing to the decline. (12 marks)
Jema Limited manufactures toothpaste and uses indirect marketing channel to distribute its products. Describe how the toothpaste gets to the final consumers. ” (8 marks)
Explain five aspects of a product which mav cause customer dissatisfaction. (10 marks)
Coast Limited recently reduced prices of all its products by 10%. Explain five reasons that may have led to such a (10 marks)
Tropical Limited uses price adjustment strategies to cater for customer differences.
Outline five such strategies. (10 marks)
Explain five roles that marketing plays in a society.
Describe five sales promotion methods that a marketer may use to increase sales. henmna Tiort- (10 marks)
Firms are increasingly using automatic vendor machines to sell their products. Explain five disadvantages of buying from such machines. . (10 marks)
Explain five benefits that a rjiarketing firm derives from observing ethical business practices. (10 marks)
Tender Limited prefers using personal selling to promote its products. Explain five reasons for having such a preference, (10 marks)

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