Non-governmental organizations as consultants

An NGO is a not for profit, independent from states, government or international government organization. They are usually funded by donations, but some avoid formal funding all together and are run primarily by volunteers. They are highly diverse groups organization engaged in a wide range of activities.

Common characteristics of NGOs
1. They are formed voluntarily.
2. They are independent of government.
3. They are not for profit or gain.
4. Their principle is to improve the circumstances and prospects of disadvantaged people.
5. For social types of development projects where the knowledge of the local community is paramount for the success of the project or in cases where the contributions of the civil society is needed, procurement entity may opt to use an NGO.

Procurement entities shall use the quality cost based selection for large assignments and for small assignments the consultants qualification selection method may be applied. The normal procedure for advertising for the expressions of interest and shortlisting shall be followed. The RFP should include criteria to ensure that NGOs are qualified and possess proven success rates in their field of competence especially for social services, and finally NGOs may be included in the shortlist if they express interest.

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