Procurement Consultant

These are the experts with technical know-how that performs procurement role on the behalf of the procurement entity (P.E). Procurement consultants offer professional advice on all the procurement undertakings among the various procurement entities.

They may also be engaged when procurement entity has no capacity to perform in the procurement function.
Procurement consultants are useful under the following circumstances:

  1. If the procurement entity demonstrates lack of internal capacity.
  2. If the procurement entity demonstrates evidence of mobility to establish a procurement and disposal unit.
  3. If the procurement entity demonstrates the inability to use the services of other state organization or procurement entity.

A procurement entity shall give preferential treatment to the local consultants before seeking the services of an internal procurement consultant. Where international consultants are engaged, all the functions that will be sublet or subcontracted shall be sublet to the citizen consultants. For the selection, the procuring entity shall follow the quality and cost based method. The contract shall provide that the procurement consultant will be paid a fixed fee or a percentage of the contracts that will be procured.

If the contract is only for procurement advice, payment parts may be a quick fixed fee or on the basis of time based contract with a ceiling price.

Features of procurement consultants
1. Assist the procurement entity to be efficient in policy development.
2. Preparing the procurement and disposal documents that help in procurement planning.
3. Breakdown of goods, works or services required.
4. Procurement consultants helps in preparing a schedule of contract delivery.
5. Advice of procuring methods.
6. Advice on application on e- procurement and context administration.
7. Procurement consultants assist in interpretation of complete procurement cycle.
8. Assist in establishment of procurement function

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