KCSE Past Papers 2020 History and Government Paper 1 (311/1)

 History and Government paper 1

SECTION A (25 marks)

1.Name two Eastern Cushitic communities who migrated into Kenya during the precolonial period. (2 marks)

2.Identify two forms of Oral Traditions used as sources of information in History and Government. (2 marks)

3.Give one reason for the coming of the Arabs to the Kenyan Coast before 1500 AD. ( 1 mark)

4.Give two commodities obtained from the Kenyan Coast during the Long Distance Trade. (2 marks)

5.Apart from Fort Jesus, which other historical monument was built by the Portuguese in Kenya ? (1 mark)

6.Highlight two National Days celebrated in Kenya. (2 marks)

7.State the main reason for the formation of the Inter-Party Parliamentary Group (IPPG) in 1997.(1 mark)

8.Outline two ways through which African communities in Kenya responded to the British colonisation.(2 marks)

9.Highlight two arms of the National Government of Kenya. (1 mark)

10.Give two social functions of the Orkoiyot among the Nandi during the precolonial period.(2 marks)

11.State two ways in which the rule of law is maintained in Kenya. (2 marks)

12.Who authored the Sessional Paper No. 10 of 1965? ( 1 mark )

13.Identify the education commission which recommended the establishment of the 8-4-4 S system of education in Kenya. (1 mark)

14.Give two types of government expenditure. (2 marks)

15.Identify the Chief Executive of a County Government in Kenya. (1 mark)

16.Outline the main grievance of the Ukamba Members Association against the colonial government in Kenya.(1 mark)

17.Besides peace and love, name the other pillar of Nyayoism. (1 mark)

SECTION B (45 marks)

18. (a)Name five communities among the Plain Nilotes who settled in Kenya during the colonial period.(5 marks)

(b)Describe the political organisation of the Agikuyu during the precolonial period. (10 marks)

19. (a)State five reasons for the coming of the Portuguese to the Kenyan Coast. (5 marks)

(b) Explain five challenges faced by early Christian missionaries in their work in Kenya. ( 10 marks)

20. (a)Highlight five reasons why settler farming was encouraged in Kenya during the colonial period. (5 marks)

(b)Discuss five consequences of colonial land policies in Kenya. (10 marks)

21.(a) State five factors that led to the re-introduction of multi-party democracy in Kenya.(5 marks)

Section C (30 marks) Answer any two questions from this section.

22.(a) Identify three peaceful methods of conflict resolution in Kenya. (3 marks)

(b) Explain six factors which undermine national unity in Kenya. (12 marks)

23. (a) Give three members of the Judicial Service Commission in Kenya. (3 marks)

(b) Explain six reasons which can disqualify one from being elected as a Member of County Assembly. (12 marks)

24. (a) State three objectives of devolution of government in Kenya. (3 marks)

(b) Discuss six reasons why the national government of Kenya prepares a budget.(12 marks)


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