KCSE Past Papers 2017 English Paper 2 (101/2)

Marking scheme(101/2)

1 (a). The passage is about the problem of obesity/the weight problem excessive weight/being overweight l mark

(b)- Figures clearly indicate how pervasive the weight problem is/ the weight problem is in the increase.

– They also show the seriousness of the problem.

– They show/justify/demonstrate/illustrate/prove/ give evidence/ authenticate that the argument is factual/real

Any 1 point 2 marks

(C)- Promoting a lifestyle of exercise/making exercise a priority avoiding sedentary lifestyle

– Healthy eating/avoidance of fast foods/managing diet


– By avoiding foods high in fats/sticking to a low fat diet/sugar/ salt Exercise (l mark)

Diet (2 marks)

(d)- Diet A liked diseases/heart disease/cancer/diabetes/hypertension It is killing many people/causing death

– Countries are spending a lot of money to cope with obesity related problems.

– The World Health Organization has declared obesity a global epidemic.

“Any 3 points; l mark each

(e) Sample summary

– In many places obesity is growing/rising/increasing fastest in children teenagers/childhood (la).

teenagers and children have the freedom (lb) and means ( lc)

to access and consume high — fat fast food (ld)

Moreover, unhealthy food is marketed (le)

in numerous supermarkets (1f)

Marking Instructions

– Allow a maximum of 55 words

– Answer must be in continuous prose

– If not deduct 50% at each point

– Affix N to the penalized mark

– Deduct a glimmer for faulty expression once in a sentence.

(f) – The modern life style has cut down on the time we need_ for physical exercise.

– It has encouraged the consumption of high-fat fast foods.

– A modem lifestyle leads to diseases such as diabetes and cancer/deaths.

Any 1 point; 3 marks

1 x 3 marks

(g)(i) Affluence – abundance, opulence/wealth/prosperity/riches /richness

(ii) Sedentary — inactive/desk-bound/seated/sitting/without much activity

N/B: wrong spelling/tense/word class; mark zero

2 (a)- Azdak orders Shauwa to take him to the court of justice in Nuka/to face public trial/for assisting the Grand Duke.

– On arrival they are informed that the city judge has been hanged.

– He sings (the song of injustice in Persia.) 4 points 1 mark each

– The people have been oppressed so much by the rulers and by natural disasters that they do not have the strength to fight.

– There are so many officials around, people feel scared.

– Suffering has made them psychologically numb.

– Injustice

– Oppression

– Suppression

– Exploitation

– The people are disillusioned/hopeless/desperate/resigned to despair/they do not have the strength to fight.

– Any form of suffering-poverty/death

Any 2 points, 2 marks each

(C)‘I understand’ means:

– He appreciates the potential cruelty of the Iron Shirts, who can be extremely violent/realizes these people are dangerous/can harm him.

– He realizes that it is inappropriate to sign the song in town/ opposition to the regime is dangerous.

– He fears for his life.2 marks

– He becomes submissive/afraid/fears for his life/becomes less vocal disowning his earlier declarations. He shows clearly that he is on the side of the iron shirts/creeps away 2 marks

(d)- They have formed an opinion that Azdak is a trouble maker.

– They think he wants to take advantage of a chaotic situation. Either point 2 marks

(e)- He is compassionate/kind/caring/helpful – He defends Azdak.

– He is protective/defensive-he defends Azdak/protects Azdak from the harassment of the iron shirts 2 x 2 = 4 marks

Expect 2 traits – Honest/frank/sincere/truthful — Even though he does not want Identification

Azdak to be executed, he still points out Azdak’s habit of petty thieving. Illustration 1 mark

– Professional/committed/dutiful. He does his duty of bringing Azdak to Nuka despite the uncertain political situation.

– Persuasive/convincing. He convinces the iron shins that what Azdak is saying is the truth.

(f)- The Iron Shirts confer among themselves/consult_Azdak – Azdak suggests that the candidate’s knowledge in law be tested.

– In a play in which the Fat Prince’s Nephew plays judge and Azdak the defendant , Azdak’s defence is impressive/the nephew fails to impress 3 x 1 marks

(g) (i) Condemning/accusing/criticizing

(ii) I allowed him to escape l mark each =4

(iii) Critical/ominous/significant/defining marks

(iv) Audacity/assumption of airs beyond one’s station/temerity/had the nerve/had the guts/arrogance

3 (a) – Fantasy/personification/use of animal characters ~ the mother converses with the hyena

– Direct speech/use of dialogue/conversation, “we were by a hyena”.

– Didactieism – Has a moral lesson — what goes around comes around.

– Timelessness- ‘One day’

– Rhetorical question “Why should my mother…”

– ldeophone-“Aai. . .”

– Repetition-she cried, wailed, wept and grieved. l mark each =4 marks

b)- Polygamy is practiced/The father had two wives.

– The society has a system of justice

– Punishment by banishment/the Woman was banished.

– Elders handle sensitive matters/administration through elders

– The society wears ornaments/bangles (on right hand)

— Communal responsibility/ownership of children – 4 marks.

(C) Observant She observes that the bangle on her sister’s arm is on the wrong arm.

Curious/inquisitive — wonders why the bangle is on the left arm

Loving/friendly/caring ~ loved her step sister very much

Disobedient/defiant-she questions the mothers action of tying the bangle on the left arm _Any2 traits x 2 marks

1 mark for identification

1 mark for illustration 4 marks

(d). The mood is sad/melancholic/somber/solemn/mournful/sorrowful death of Nyawino/the grieving that follows/Awino is inconsolable. N/B: Accept if the mood is stated as a noun (e. g. mood of sadness/ melancholy/sorrow)

2 marks identification

1 mark for explanation

(e)- They develop the plot — They urge the girl to report her sister’s death to the parents.This triggers other events.

– Used to reveal the character of Awino as loving/caring.

– They enhance dialogue in the story

– They help her come to terms with the reality.

– Their action reveals that the members of the community are responsible/ communal responsibility.

Any 1 role well explained

(f)Crying with regret and shame, she left village.

N/B: comma missing no mark 1 mark

(g) – We should be mind of other people’s welfare/we should love our siblings (Awino was concerned about her step sister to an extent of offering herself to be eaten by the hyena.)

– We should heed good advice.

She went home as advised and this led to the banishment of the Wicked woman.

We should act logically/reasonably/learn to accept loss-Awino agrees to go home.

2 marks for any —Any 2 points x 2 one moral lesson

4.(a) (i). Not a single farmer got a bad/poor harvest this year/Not even one farmer got a bad/poor harvest this year/Not a single farmer failed to get/missed a good harvest this year/Not any one of the farmers…

(ii). That the old ways are changing should be clear to everybody.

(iii). Mrs. Mambo said, “This/That Wall is very badly painted.” “This/That wall is very badly painted,” said Mrs. Mambo/Mrs. Mambo said.

(iv)Having finished eating, I went to bed. (comma missing, zero)/l went to bed having finished eating.

(b) (i)_would have gone/would not/wouldn’t have gone (ii). has been studying/has studied. were.

(iii). Kamaru hates/does not like going to visit relatives.

(iv). Kamaru hates/ does not like relatives who visit.

(d) (i). into

(ii). that

(iii). it’s/It’s

N/B: No underlining 3 marks

(e) (i). Heroically

(ii). Revelation(s)

(iii). Unwarranted/warrantless/unwarrantable 3 mark


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