KCSE Past Papers 2017 English Paper 3 (101/3)

 English Paper 3 (101/3)

General Instructions

Co-ordination Procedure

1. The Question Paper will be discussed together with the Points of Interpretation.

2. After studying the Marking Scheme the examiners will mark selected photocopied scripts of the Paper with their Team Leaders.

3. The examiners will mark on their own a set of photocopied scripts and hand those marked scripts to their TLs.

4. The photocopied scripts marked by the examiner will be analyzed and points of interpretation and relevance discussed.

5. More photocopies will then be marked and discussed.

Marking Procedure

l. As soon as an examiner receives a set of scripts to be marked, he (or she) must enter his name, number and the number of his team of the envelope.

He must make sure the number of scripts in the envelope corresponds to the number of scripts indicated by the supervisor.’Any discrepancy must be reported immediately to the team leader. Any script sent to the TL or CE must be clearly identified as coming from such an examiner.

Each examiner must keep a clear record of any script that passes through his hands.

2. Team Leaders should keep very clear records of all scripts allocated to the team as a whole and each examiner individually.

3. The examiners underline each mistake according to the instructions given on page 7- 8 of this booklet.

This must be done carefully as both over underlining or underlining can give a wrong impression of the value of a script.

4. Examiners underline in red since they may have to rub off faulty underlining. Team Leaders co-ordinate in red and CE in green.

5. The mark given for the essay must appear at the end of the essay itself and carried to the special grid on the first page of booklet.

6. For problem scripts, deductions should be clearly shown together with a short explanation of the reason for this on top of the Answer booklet.

Coordinations by team leaders

1. Team Leaders will co-ordinate approximately 10% of the scripts from each packet. The scripts selected for co-ordination must cover a variety of marks. They should also be taken so that the whole packet is covered.

2. If there are several deviations of 2 marks or more, an additional number of scripts is coordinated and the packet returned for remarking.

3. If an examiner or a team leader is uncertain about any script, he/she is invited to consult other examiners, TLs or CEs.

4. Team Leaders must return for re—marking scripts where the underlining is not satisfactory.

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