KCSE Past Papers 2017 English Paper 1 (101/1)

2017 English Paper 1 (101/1)

Expect a speech if not deduct (4 marks)

Organization (3 marks)


  • A speech is very similar to an essay; it should have an introduction, body and conclusion. 
  • The introduction should grab the audience’s attention and state the focus of the speech! disclosure of topic. 
  • Body — Expect points with supporting details. 
  • The conclusion should let the audience know that the speech is over/ give the audience something to think about or call the attention to act.Acknowledgements — In expected order.

    Content — The issues to be highlighted.

    Style – features of spoken language, regular direct address to the audience, use of first person point of view.


  • Language and mechanics of writing (8 marks)Generic Marking Scheme for Paper 1 — Language Use

    Group D (01 — 02 Marks)


  • Candidate does not communicate and their language ability is so minimal that the examiner has to
  • guess what they intended to write.
  • Poor use of expressions
  • Poor use of punctuation marks
  • Hardly any correct sentences
  • Spelling errors
  • Broken usage must be identified.Group C (03 – 04 Marks)


  • Construction errors, the candidate is hampered
  • Lack of confidence in language use
  • Very simple sentences
  • All manner of grammatical errors
  • Mother tongue interference
  • Poor organization of ideas
  • The flow is jerky, misused prepositions and idioms; digresses a lotGroup B (05 — 06 Marks)


  • Communicates fluently, with ease of expression
  • Well-constructed sentences
  • Good use of vocabulary
  • Some errors
  • Items of merit, individual wordsGroup A (07 — 08 Marks)


  • Ease of expression with no errors of punctuation, spelling and grammar
  • Good planning/organization of ideas (flow of ideas)
  • Clever use of vocabulary and maturity in language use/style
  • Definite spark and unusual style
  • Originality of ideas1. Body/Content: (8 marks); broken down into:


  • Experience (E) 2: the students must demonstrate that he/she has been a drug addict and now reformed. (2 marks)— Three ways of preventing: 3×2; (6 marks)


  • Language: (8 marks) 
  • Format: (6 marks)2 .a) retained

    .b) continued/sustained

    .c) But

    .d) become

    .e) it

    .f) worth

    .g) almost/nearly

    .h) Thus

    .i) aids/tools/resources

    .j) on


    3.(a) i. Conversational features/direct address e. g. “You”


  • Repetition: “what about my children?” 
  • Alliteration (maize, market, my market)
  • Direct translation: maize has a market
  • Consonance: Will/kill; what/about
  • Rhyme: will/kill (2 x 3 marks, l for identification, lfor illustration)
  • N/B: mark the first three, draw a line. 
  • It calls attention to the perpetration of the evil deeds of the one to blame for the death of the persona’s children.
  • Because of its accusatory nature.
  • Source of the problems of the persona (Any 1 point 2 marks each)
  • (b)i. Onomatopoeia- cracked

    ii. Rhyme-health and wealth

    m. Alliteration |k| sound

    iv. Consonance: ken/can

    v. Assonance: can/curdled

    (2 x 3 marks, 1 mark for identification, l mark for illustration)

    (c) guide anguish juice biscuit

    quite equipment cruise built

    (1 x 4 = 4 marks)

    (d) mis.use





    (1 x 5 = 5 marks)

    suitable guilt N/B: do not accept stress markers

    (e) Sample answer

    YOU : I am MungaloMwaniki, and I am a student at Kenyatta University. (1 mark)

    REPORTER : How did you find the talk about cheating in national examinations‘? (1 mark)

    YOU : That a student who cheats in exams obtains grades that do not reflect his/her ability. Consequently, many students cannot make it in the courses they are admitted to. (2 marks)

    REPORTER : I see. What would you like to tell your fellow students then? (1 mark)

    YOU : I would like to tell them that cheating in exams ultimately does not help anyone. They should avoid it and Work hard. (1 mark)

    REPORTER : Thank you for your insightful responses, Mungalo. (1 mark)

    (Appreciate the interviewee)

    Expect any other relevant/reasonable responses. (Yes/No answers do not score)

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