Inspection and acceptance of consultancy services is the final step of the procurement cycle. It is that stage that the procuring entity must have been able to ensure that the contract has been duly enforced by the contractor and that the deliveries correspond to the contract terms especially with regard to:

  1. Timing – deadline for execution
  2. Standards and Terms of Reference of the contract
  3. The quantities- refers to the scope of service
  4. The place- service delivered to user
  5. Price, Value and Cost

It is the responsibility of the procuring entity to ensure that each of the dimensions have been verified by accepting the final delivery of any service procured. The acceptance of the certificate of delivery is the evidence that will serve to effect the payment to the contract or. The Accounting officer of the procuring entity shall establish an adhoc inspection and acceptance committee composed of the chairman and at least two members on the recommendation of the procurement unit.

In the appointment of the inspection and acceptance committee, the accounting officer shall take into account the following:

  1. The recommendation of the head of the procurement firm.
  2. The value of the contract.
  3. The threshold matrix
  4. The technical nature, complexity and Terms of Reference of services to be procured.

The following person shall be included:

  1. The user department
  2. The technical department
  3. The head of procurement function
  4. Any other person as may deemed fit

Where the procuring entity lacks internal technical expertise to carry out the inspection and acceptance the accounting officer may request another procuring entity to nominate an officer with relevant expertise to assist or procure a professional with relevant expertise and that person shall be appointed by the accounting officer in writing to for, part of the inspection and acceptance committee.

The expert person shall issue a certificate to the accounting officer confirming the right quality and quantity of the service. The inspection and acceptance committee shall take into account all the necessary certification prior to issuing the certificate of acceptance. The inspection and acceptance committee shall issue a report to the head of procurement for professional opinion.

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