Function of Inspection and Acceptance Committee

Verify that the head of the end user department has endorsed the services provided. Inspect, verify and ascertain that the services and other products such as reports, maps, plans, manuals, designs etc. have been delivered to the procuring entity in accordance to the terms of reference as specified in the contract.

Ensure that the service has been delivered on time and any delay has been noted. Verify that the quantities delivered where applicable and that they are consistent with the quantities indicated in the contract. Ensure that the procuring entity does not get less value than the contract stood for or services that are of different quality that was contracted for.

Undertake any other function or duty as necessary to ascertain the acceptance of services or as may be prescribed in the circular issued by the PPRA. The management team for consultancy contracts must be very diligent in the performance to make the work of the inspection and acceptance committee easy, if it is not diligent, the inspection and acceptance of consultancy services can be very tricky.

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