1. a) Explain the following terms used in data mining;
  2. i) OLAP (2 marks)
  3. ii) Neural computing (2 marks)

iii)      Market basket analysis (2 marks)

  1. b) Define the term business intelligence and describe any four drivers of business intelligence (5 marks)
  2. c) Discuss the importance of data warehousing in a business organization (8 marks)
  3. d) For most companies, it is not possible to implement a proactive business intelligence system at one go. Explain four techniques that could be         taken as approaches to business intelligence system (6 marks)
  4. e) Explain the term data visualization and outline its impact on the performance of a business (5 marks)


  1. a) Companies are facing pressure on several fronts thus demanding that they become more efficient and extract more from their investments.      Discuss the key general tools of business intelligence (8 marks)
  2. b) Describe how a company can design business intelligence to support competitive intelligence (7 marks)
  3. c) Clearly differentiate between business intelligence and competitive intelligence (5 marks)


  1. a) Discuss five major factors to consider when accounting business intelligence software (10 marks)
  2. b) Evaluate five major characteristics of business intelligence and outline their impact on business performance (10 marks)


  1. a) Define the term data mining and describe the steps involved (7 marks)
  2. b) Discuss the following capabilities of business intelligence system;
  3. i) Data storage and management (3 marks)
  4. ii) Information delivery (3 marks)

iii)      Query, reporting and analysis (3 marks)

  1. c) Distinguish between text mining and web mining (4 marks)


  1. a) Explain the following concepts used in business intelligence;
  2. i) Intelligence agents (2 marks)
  3. ii) Tactical intelligence (2 marks)

iii)      Data integration and extraction (3 marks)

  1. b) Describe five key components of business intelligence strategy (10 marks)
  2. c) Outline ways in which business performance can be enhanced through business intelligence (3 marks)
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