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Answer ALL questions. Each question is allocated two (2) marks.

1. The type of computer memory used to quickly accept, store and transfer data and instructions that are being used immediately by the CPU is referred to as______
A. Register
B. Encoder
C. Decoder
D. Flip flop

2. _____ is a general term used to describe the pain felt in muscles, nerves and tendons caused by repetitive movement and overuse
A. Repeated Standing Injury
B. Repetitive Standing Injury
C. Repetitive Strain Injury
D. Real Strain Injury

3. ________________occurs when Windows encounters a critical error that stops the operating system from running.
A. Grey screen
B. Blue screen
C. Yellow screen
D. Black screen

4. The component of the central processing unit that fetches data from the main memory and executes the data is referred to as?
A. Input unit
B. Control unit
C. Main memory unit
D. Arithmetic and logic unit

5. ____________________ is a smaller motherboard that saves space and energy and is generally cheaper
A. Micro-ATX
B. Mini-ATX
D. Mega-ATX

6. The process of dividing a disk into sectors that the disk controller can read and write, before a disk can store data is known as ____________________
A. partitioning
B. swap space creation
C. low-level formatting
D. high-level formatting

7. Which of the following is NOT a role of passwords as used in computing?
A. To authorise access to a resource.
B. To make efficient use of time
C. To retain confidentiality of files
D. To differentiate an authorised user from an unauthorised user

8. ________________ is a process of monitoring and capturing all data packets passing through given network
A. Spamming
B. Jamming
C. Sniffing
D. Phishing

9. A high-speed digital interface between a display controller like a computer and a display device like a monitor is referred to as _______
A. Digital Video Interface (DVI)
B. High Definition Media Interface (HDMI)
C. Industry Standard Architecture (ISA)
D. Enhanced Industry Standard Architecture (EISA)

10. __________________is a type of software that is etched directly into a piece of hardware and operates without going through APIs, the operating system, or device drivers
A. Software driver
B. Assembler
C. Firmware
D. Spyware

11. State the type of computer bus architecture used to transfer data between devices that are identified by the hardware address of the physical memory.
A. Address bus
B. Data bus
C. System bus
D. Processor bus

12. Which of the following is NOT a symptom of failed operating system?
A. Failure of the computer to boot.
B. Improper shutdown
C. Missing DDL Information.
D. Services fail to start

13. ______________ is an onboard, battery powered semiconductor chip inside computers that stores information such as system time, date and system hardware settings for the computer.

14. Which of the following is an example of external computer component?
A. Expansion card
B. Hard disk
C. Flash disk
D. Memory card

15. ___________ is an electrical device that converts alternating current (AC) which periodically reverses direction to direct current (DC) which flows in only one direction
A. Inverter
B. Rectifier
C. Transistor
D. Converter

16. Which of the following is a temporary storage location inside the computer central processing unit (CPU) that stores data and addresses?
A. Control unit
B. Arithmetic and logic unit
C. Register
D. Input/Output unit

17. Which of the following is NOT a feature that affects the processor?
A. System bus speeds the processor supports
B. Processor core frequency
C. Motherboard socket and chipset
D. Multitasking ability

18. A technician is cleaning up a warehouse and has several old Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitors and UPS units. The technician removes the batteries from the UPSs and wants to comply with proper disposal techniques. Which of the following should the technician do next to proceed with disposal of the batteries?
A. Review the material safety data sheet.
B. Refer to the manufacturer’s specific usage.
C. Place securely in trash receptacles.
D. Conduct an Internet search of disposal techniques.

19. _________ is a system utility used to troubleshoot the Microsoft Windows startup process
A. Startup manager
B. Ping
C. MSConfig
D. PerfMon

20. Which of the following is NOT a type of hard disk interface?
B. ATA Ribbon

21. Which of the following is NOT a symptom of failing motherboard or processor?
A. System begins to boot, then powers down
B. Error message displayed during boot
C. System unstable, hangs, freezes at odd times
D. Intermittent antivirus errors occur

22. Which of the following two input logic gates will give a high output when all the inputs are different?

23. __________is an instrument that can measure quantities such as voltage, current and resistance
A. Voltmeter
B. Ammeter
C. Digital multimeter
D. Logic analyzer

24. __________is the basic building block of any digital system
A. Logic symbol
B. Logic gate
C. Flip flop
D. Truth table

25. The type of volatile memory, which is used for extremely fast access of information that has already been previously accessed from the main memory is known as?
A. Main memory
B. Cache memory
C. Read only memory
D. Random access memory

26. The type of memory that stores data bits as electrical charges within the structure of a single transistor is called?

27. Which of the following is NOT a precaution for installing computer memory?
A. Avoid mixing RAM from various suppliers
B. Buy standard RAM from a supplier you trust.
C. The modules do not have to match the motherboard
D. The frequency of added memory should be matching the CPU and Buses speed.

28. Which of the following computer components can be upgraded?
A. Random Access Memory
B. Mouse
C. Keyboard
D. Motherboard

29. _________________is an Intel chipset that communicates with the computer processor and controls interaction with memory, the Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) bus, Level 2 cache and all Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) activities.
A. Westbridge
B. Northbridge
C. Southbridge
D. Eastbridge

30. ______________ is the type of backup that makes a copy of files that have changed since the last backup.
A. Differential backup
B. Incremental backup
C. Complete backup
D. Full backup

31. Which choice below represents the second step in creating a business continuity plan?
A. Assemble a business continuity management team
B. Understand the risks
C. Implement recovery strategies
D. Ensure the safety and wellbeing of your employees

32. _________________ is an integrated set of components for collecting, storing, and processing data and for providing information, knowledge, and digital products.
A. Data system
B. Digital system
C. Information system
D. Computerized system

33. Which of the following is NOT an example of tacit knowledge?
A. Being able to identify the exact moment a prospect is ready to hear your sales pitch
B. Knowing just the right words to use within your copy to attract and engage your audience
C. Knowing which specific piece of content to deliver to a customer based on their expressed needs
D. Being able to communicate organizational knowledge more effectively

34. A computer system displays an error message “application is running slowly”. Which of the following is the possible solution to the error?
A. Update the application
B. Restart the computer
C. Force quit the application
D. Restart Windows Explorer

35. If the mouse pointer is moving intermittently on the screen but has not failed altogether, which of the following troubleshooting steps should you take?
A. Check its connection to the port.
B. Clean the mouse.
C. Reinstall the drivers.
D. Check for a conflict with the modem.

36. All programs on the computer are running slowly. Which of the following is NOT a possible solution?
A. Run a virus scanner
B. Try deleting any files or programs that are not needed.
C. Run Disk Defragmenter program.
D. Run chkdsk program.

37. You have been tasked with diagnosing a laptop that is experiencing heavy artifact corruption along with random loss of video during operation. What is the most likely cause to the problem?
A. The BIOS is under clocking the video card
B. Incompatible or untested video drivers were installed
C. Video drivers were not installed directly from Microsoft update
D. The BIOS is not set for proper video chipset temperature

38. What is the term that relates to weakness exhibited in system or network?
A. Threat
B. Attack
C. Vulnerability
D. Exploit

39. Which of the following is NOT a Power – on – Self-Test (POST) output message?
A. Audio codes
B. On-screen text messages
C. Decimal numeric codes
D. Hexadecimal numeric codes

40. Which one of the following is a program designed to help computer users detect virus and avoid them?
A. Spyware
B. Malware
C. Spyware
D. Antivirus

41. _________________can be defined as the usage of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) by the government to provide and facilitate government services, exchange of information, communication transactions and integration of various standalone systems and services.
A. E-governance
B. M-governance
C. E-commerce
D. M-commerce

42. Manipulating the environment and equipment involved when using a computer to suit the user is referred to as?
A. Software patching
B. Ergonomics
C. Typology
D. Phishing

43. Which of the following adheres to the principle of keeping sensitive information highly classified?
A. Integrity
B. Maintainability
C. Confidentiality
D. Availability

44. Which of the following would be the BEST way to fix a windows start-up problem?
A. Use safe mode
B. Use BIOS to change settings to default
C. Restarting the computer
D. Use a bootable disk from a later version of your operating system

45. Information that is sourced from internal sources, highly detailed and relevant in the short term is referred to as____________________________.
A. Strategic information
B. Tacit information
C. Tactical information
D. Operational information

46. Which of the following is NOT a method of safely disposing electronic waste?
A. Donating the outdated technology
B. Sell off the outdated technology
C. Give the electronic waste to a certified e-waste recycler
D. Buying e-waste machines

47. Study the figure below. Indicate which input device is shown

A. Mouse
B. Joystick
C. Light pen
D. Keyboard

48. Which one of the following is NOT one of the major data processing functions of a computer?
A. Data gathering
B. Processing data into information
C. Analysing the data or information
D. Storing the data or information

49. All the following are examples of data real security and privacy risks EXCEPT?
A. Hackers
B. Spam
C. Viruses
D. Identity theft

50. The utility that allows the computer to start up more quickly because the user won’t have to wait for the operating system and applications to load is referred to as?
A. Sleep mode
B. Restart mode
C. Hibernate mode
D. Start mode

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