Discuss four methods of filling that could be used in an enterprise

  • Filing by subject/category

It’s a record management method in which documents are classified, coded, and stored by their subject matter

  • Filling in alphabetical order

It’s a record management method in which folders are arranged in the same sequence as the alphabet

  • Filing by numbers/numerical order

Record keeping method in which’ files are arranged in their consecutive numerical order, from the lowest number to the highest

  • Filing by places/geographical order

Record keeping method in which documents are filed alphabetically within categories arranged according to geographic locations of the source or destination of the record

  • Filing by dates/chronological order

It refers to ordering documents and records in sequence according to their date of receipt, or date’ or time of their creation. The latest item is put usually in front (top) of the previous items


Charles Owino wishes to send a parcel to George Kala in Mombasa by registered post and has approached you for advice. Advice Charles Owino on the conditions of acceptance of a parcel for registered post

  • First, under the law a registered post will act as the agent of Charles Owino and thus he will be deemed to have given express authority for such acts of delivery.
  • The mail will be considered delivered to George Kala if he expressly authorised the usage of post by stamping the letter and handing it over to the post. In this case, the mail whether obtained or not, will be viewed under the law to have been sent to George Kala.
  • Where there is no express authority, the mail will be considered delivered once received by George Kala in Mombasa and thus relieving the poster of any liability.
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