Why study Operations Management (OM)?

Operations‘ is the core functions of the org and continuously manages the flow of resources thru it. (The output of operations is the bundle of goods and services which is consumed by society .any org that does not continuously satisfy the needs of customers fails. All orgs have an operation s activity. Om is mgt in that it offers the challenge, the complexity and responsibility which are part of managerial role.

• Operations management activities at the core of all business organizations
• 35% or more of all jobs are in OM related areas (customer service, quality assurance, production planning and control, scheduling, job design, inventory management, etc.
• Activities in all other areas of business organizations (finance, accounting, marketing, human resource, etc.) are interrelated with OM
• POM is all about management – all managers need to possess the knowledge and skill in the content areas in OM – learn and understand the variety of decision making tools in the decision making process
• A course that will prepare students in developing business plans (BA 499 –Business Planning is the capstone course for ALL business majors)

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