Special modes of transport

Bulky carriers
Bulk carriers are virtually used at industrial/ manufacturing and construction locations where larger volumes of goods are delivered from one point to the other.

• Containerization
Containerization is derived from the word container. This is a system of freight transport based on a range of steel intermodal containers. Containers are built to standardised dimensions and can be loaded and unloaded, stacked, transported efficiently over long distances and transferred from one mode of transport to another. Trailers are used often to transport the containers to the
respective areas.

• Inter-modal transportation
This is a means of transport which switches goods on transit from one mode of transport to another. The type of inter-modal transportation entail: piggy back, fishy back, train ship and air truck.

  1. Piggy back: Refers to transportation of goods where one transportation unit is carried on the back of something else- it is a specialised form of intermodal transportation and of combined transport. This may involve the use of rail and trucks (road) where cargo is transferred from anyone of the two to another. In rail transport the practice of carrying trailers or semi-trailers in a train atop a flatcar is referred to as ‗‘piggybacking‘‘.
  2. Fishy back: this is combination of (water) ship to truck (road) transportation where goods are shifted from anyone of the two to another.
  3. Train ship: This is the combination of water and rail transport. This is where goods are shifted from rail to water or from water to rail.
  4. Air truck: It involves the shifting of goods between air and road transportation modes.
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