Instructions: Answer Question ONE and any other TWO Questions

Question One (30 marks) [COMPULSORY]
a. Define a project and state its three main attributes?                                               (4 marks)
b. Briefly explain the differences between functional, matrix and project organizations.                                                                                                                                                     (3 marks)

  1. State two examples of Information Technology Projects (2 marks)
    d. Discuss the life cycle of Computer Science Projects (10 marks)
    e. Consider a project to develop an enterprise resource planning system whose main activities have been identified and coded as follows:-
    Activity           Preceding Activity     Activity Duration (days)
    A                     –                                   5
    B                     –                                   6
    C                     A                                 4
    D                     A                                 5
    E                      B                                 2
    F                      B                                 5
    G                     C, E                             4
    H                     C, E, F                         6


  1. Draw a network diagram for the above project. (8 marks)
    ii. Determine the critical path. (3 mark)

Question Two (20 marks)
a. James has been contracted to assist in planning a project to be executed in a given company. Discuss the main activities that he may engage in.                                                         (10 marks)

  1. Explain the activities involved in risk management (10 marks)


Question Three (20 marks)
a. Describe three types of information systems                                                          (6 marks)
b. Explain three reasons why organizations outsource.                                              (6 marks)
c. Summarize the different tools and techniques project managers can used to help them manage project teams.                                                                                                               (8 marks)
Explain GANNT charts, Network Diagrams, Work Breakdown Structure,

Question Four (20 marks)

a. Explain three roles of the project manager in project management.                       (6 marks)

  1. Discuss four dimensions of standards that can be used to analyze a software product.

(8 marks)

  1. A project management team wants to undertake quality management as one of the major activities of the team. Explain three quality management activities they are likely to do.

(6 marks)

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