1. Another name for a good collaborator is a team player. You have been involved in group activities, sports or otherwise. Consider and analyse at least eight qualities the team players had.             (8 marks)
  2. Distinguish between Groupware and shareware                         (4 marks)
  3. Explain the following features of SharePoint;
  4. Calendar                             (1 marks)
  5. Discussion Board                    (1 marks)
  • Blog (1 marks)
  1. A general belief exists that the more a business firm is collaborative the more successful it will be. Identify business benefits of collaboration and their importance. (5marks)
  2. Explain how a business can derive benefits from the use messaging systems (4 marks)
  3. Collaboration sites are designed to help teams organize and share information. Some of the sites include predefined lists and libraries which can store various types of files and data. Discuss the wiki site and team site                                                                                                                 (6 marks)



  1. Collaborations software is an application that help people involved in common task to score goals. Another name for collaboration software is groupware. Outline four components or products that constitute a groupware.                                                                         (4marks)
  2. Describe the following terms giving examples of each;
    1. Publishing sites             (1marks)
    2. Key performance index (KPI)                                                 (1marks)
    3. Groupware offers significant advantages over single-user systems. Discuss three common reasons why people want to use groupware                          (6 marks)
    4. Briefly explain at least four collaborative tools (4marks)
    5. Firms are of various forms and size. International companies are characterized by having regional offices and sometimes abroad. Collaborative software play a great role in such firms. Describe how an international company   can go about forming a virtual team that will include players from all branches distance notwithstanding.                                                             (4 marks)



  1. Discuss the dynamic group interaction model interms of the following (12marks)
  2. i) Group characteristics
  3. ii) Processes

iii) Outcomes

  1. Microsoft SharePoint is a collection of products and technologies that provide an enterprise level environment for Web-based collaboration. Point out its contribution to business.  (4marks)
  2. Compare and contrast local virtual groups and global virtual groups                          (4 marks)



  1. It is vital for a business to form a successful team. Describe six steps for forming an effective collaborative business team. (6marks)
  2. A business needs some form of an infrastructure in order to build a collaborative team oriented culture. This cannot be achieved without information technology and systems.
  3. Outline atleast five categories of collaborative software tools (5marks)
  4. Explain six popular online collaboration tools (6marks)
  5. A collaboration technology always imply a number of interaction. Describe three types of interactions. (3marks)
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