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Answer ALL questions by indicating the letter (A, B, C or D) that represents the correct answer. This paper is made up of fifty (50) Multiple Choice Questions. Each question is allocated two (2) marks.

1. Which of the following is the MOST important DNS server resource?

A. Network connection
B. Disk storage
C. Mouse
D. Keyboard

2. Server maintenance entails a software updated and running so that a computer network can operate smoothly and avoid downtime or loss of data. Which of the following events is the MOST catastrophic?

A. Losing a backup
B. Crashing of server software
C. Losing a server disk when there is no backup
D. A disk failing

3. Which one of the following statement BEST illustrates preventive maintenance?

A. Changing an old system
B. Preparing against millennium bug
C. Updating a software
D. Cleaning a computer system

4. Network Operating system is primarily designed to support workstations, personal computers and older terminals on a local area network. Which of the following is an example of a network operating system?

A. Ubuntu
B. Mint
C. Windows 7
D. Windows server 2016

5. A computer device that can prevent tampering access of server at the boot time is known as?

B. Cache
D. North gate

6. Which of the following is NOT commonly monitored in a server?

A. Availability
B. Responsiveness
C. Capacity
D. Clock speed

7. The disk interface is the connection of hard disk and host system. Which of the following is the BEST for a server hard disk interface?


8. Which of the following is a daily server maintenance routine?

A. Restarting
B. Cleaning
C. Updating systems
D. Lubrication

9. Which of the following commands would halt a windows server system in a network?

A. Shutdown /0
B. Restart /R
C. Init 0
D. Init halt

10. Which of the following is a server performance metric?

A. Network speed
B. Hard disk speed
C. Availability
D. Administrator qualification

11. Which of the following is TRUE about server logs?

A. Records only suspicious activities
B. They are text files
C. Servers are always creating logs
D. Readily accessible by all users

12. A server administration entails configuration and maintenance of servers to make sure IT infrastructure runs smoothly. Which of the following identifies a BEST practice about server administration?

A. Done only by ICT manager
B. Should be outsourced
C. Should be done by any user with the right privileges
D. Administrator should log in with the privileged account only when necessary

13. Which of the following statement BEST illustrates running a server in safe mode?

A. protects the system from viruses.
B. protects the system from data loss.
C. loads a minimum number of drivers.
D. prevents unauthorized access.

14. Identify among the following, an appropriate reason for sharing memory in a server.

A. To secure data
B. Avoid server overheating
C. To perform high speed communication among processes
D. To speed data processing

15. Which of the following would be the appropriate action to be undertaken when server CPU utilization is maximum or near maximum?

A. Server well utilised
B. Need to add another server
C. Poor performance
D. It needs tuning

16. Which of the following statement BEST illustrates the term server farm?

A. A group of work stations
B. The fastest server
C. Server room
D. A collection of organisation computer servers for an organization

17. Server maintenance is process of keeping a server software updated and running so that a computer network can operate smoothly and avoid downtime or loss of data. Server maintenance consist of the following actions EXCEPT?

A. Purchase of components
B. Replace of component
C. Repair of component
D. Service of component

18. What is the appropriate term given from the point of time the machine fails to when it is repaired?

A. Break Down time
B. Maintenance time
C. Down time
D. Uptime

19. Which of the following decreases with the increase in maintenance efforts?

A. Down time
B. Cost maintenance
C. Overhead Cost
D. Labour

20. What is the CORRECT system maintenance procedure?

A. Problem – Cause – Diagnosis – Rectification
B. Problem– Diagnosis – Cause – Rectification
C. Problem – Measure – Diagnosis – Rectification
D. Problem– Diagnosis – Measure – Rectification

21. A multinational corporation backup plan calls for a full back up every Sunday. Every other day of the week, system administrator needs to back up only the changes since the last full backup. Which backup type should be used on a Tuesday?

A. Daily
B. Normal
C. Copy
D. Differential

22. Which of the following network command utility network configuration details of the server?

A. Ip
B. Chk
C. Ipconfig
D. Syscheck

23. Which of the following should be used to protect a server in case of a blackout?

A. Uninterruptible Power Supply.
B. Power Supply Unit.
C. Hot-swappable power supply.
D. Line conditioner.

24. When preparing server for use, which of the following is NOT a system Requirement?

A. Crimping tool
B. Processor
C. Random Access Memory(RAM)
D. Disk space

25. Which of the following causes a server NOT to reply to echo request from a client?

A. If virtual box is not well configured
B. If DHCP is blocking the traffic
C. If the command is wrong
D. When a firewall is blocking the traffic

26. Which one of the following is a lightweight command used in poweshell environment?

A. Cmdlets
B. Parser
D. Toggle breakpoint

27. Which of the following tools can be used by an administrator to retrieve detailed information about a significant occurrence from server?

A. Event Viewer
B. System Information
C. System Monitor
D. Resource Monitor

28. Group Policy is a hierarchical infrastructure that allows a network administrator in charge of Microsoft’s Active Directory to implement specific configurations for users and computers. By default, group policies are first applied to server computers when the:

A. Computer is backed up
B. Computer starts up
C. User accesses a shared drive
D. User runs gpresult.exe

29. Identify the kind of report that shows the CPU capacity of a server.

A. Response time
B. Processor time
C. Queue length
D. Disk read speed

30. What is the name given to a domain controller designated to perform a set of specialized controller tasks?

A. Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) server
B. Operations Master
C. Organisational Unit
D. Primary domain controller

31. Which of the following groups can be used to assign permissions to access resources?

A. Workgroup
B. Security group
C. Organisational group
D. Distribution group

32. Which of the following statement is FALSE about data handling in a server?

A. Data can be recovered fastest in online backup
B. Tape library is an example of near line storage
C. Data recovery can take hours for offline backup
D. After restoring hot backups users can access the data

33. Which of the following can be used to access resources located in a given forest when administering a server?

A. Child domain
B. Distribution group
C. Trust
D. Organisational unit

34. Which of the following stores a record of server startups and shutdowns with exceptional conditions?

A. General logs
B. Error log
C. Slow query log
D. Binary log

35. Which of the following logging option enables binary log index file?

A. –log-bin-index
B. –bin-log-index
C. –index-log-bin
D. –index-bin-log

36. The registry that stores server file associations is known as ?


37. Which of the following is a valid server file attributes?

A. Read, write, execute
B. Full control, reading and executing, editing, special access rights
C. Hidden, read only, system, archived
D. Owner, group, other

38. Why would a system administrator prefer commands over GUI in server maintenance?

A. They are easy to use
B. Easy to learn
C. Are more secure
D. Do not change

39. Which of the following is an advantage of using 3rd party windows server tools?

A. Fast
B. Cost effective
C. Safer
D. Accuracy

40. Which of the following should be associated with system administration staff?

A. They must be trained in everything
B. Should work from anywhere
C. Can be assigned any task
D. Should be reskilled oftenly

41. Which of the following is the best time to perform windows server updates?

A. During off peak hours
B. Immediately they are available
C. During peak hours
D. Immediately after backup

42. Which of the following illustrates the correct order of events of bringing back data that had been lost in a server?

A. Recover, copy backup to disk, restore
B. Recover, restore, copy backup to disk
C. Copy Backup to disk, restore, recover
D. Copy Backup to disk, recover, restore

43. In which environment should a simulation of a failed system be done?

A. Working environment
B. Test environment
C. Backup sites
D. In database servers

44. Identify a component that is required to configure TCP/IP connection.

A. Subnet mask
B. Physical address
C. Host address
D. Domain name

45. A command that creates backups with the archive attribute set is known as?

B. Backup
C. Etbcmd
D. Attrib

46. The command prompt for creating a disk partition in a server is known as?

A. Dir
B. Format
C. Diskpart
D. Robocopy

47. Which of the following statements BEST illustrates the term troubleshooting a server.

A. Preventing errors
B. Diagonising errors and correcting them
C. Identifying errors in a system
D. Making systems work better

48. Which of the following is a suitable command for repairing broken master boot record in windows server?

A. bootrec
B. exec
C. init/r
D. repair

49. IT Personnel are involved with development of software, database integration and migration, hardware procurement, installation and maintenance and network infrastructure development. Who among the following users should lead the team planning for a new system?

A. System administrator
C. Network Administrator
D. System manager

50. Server security focuses on the protection of data and resources held on the servers. When setting passwords as a security measure which one of the following is the most effective to avoid brute force Attack?

A. History
B. Length
C. Case
D. Complexity

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