Project Development Management, Economics and Administration June/July 2012 Knec Past Paper

SECTION A: (40 marks)
Answer ALL questions from this section in the Spaces provided.
Highlight four common obstacles in project management. (4 marks)

Distinguish between dictatorial and laisseze-faire leadership: (4 marks)

(i) dictatorial leadership;

(ii) laisseze-faire leadership.

State four uses of economics to a social worker. (4 marks)
Distinguish between management and administration.
(i) management; – (4 marks)

(ii) administration.
Highlight four advantages of budgetary control to an organization.

List six emerging trends that are being observed in the communication sector in Kenya.

(a) Explain the term natural resource. (2 marks)
(b) Explain three elements of a project master plan.

State four factors that affect change in demand in a country.

Explain four reasons for measuring national income to a country. (4 marks)

Explain four reasons that make it necessary for organizations to evaluate their projects. (4 marks)

SECTION B: (60 marks)
Answer ALL questions in this section in the spaces provided.
ll.  State five negative effects of inflation to the society. (10 marks)

(b) List and explain five sources of public revenues.

Describe the proforma invoice by stating the pieces of information contained in it. (10 marks)
State five factors that are addressed in project feasibility study.

(Explain the term filing. (2 marks)
State four characteristics of a SS filing system.

Explain five positive desired socio-economic changes brought by the formation of co-operative societies.

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