Meaning of project area analysis

Project area analysis refers to the process of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting information on the various valuable that characterize the geographical location  for which  project is intended to be implemented

The purpose of the area analysis

  • Helps facilitate identification
  • Provide justification of the project
  • We do project analysis to enable participation of the development issues
  • To identify potential risk
  • To document options
  • To evaluate the potential risk
  • To evaluate the potential of the object to meet

Demography and occupation patterns of a project area

We study population in terms of several variables.

  1. Age structure
  2. The population of age
  3. Population growth rate depends on fertility rate  mortality or dead rate
  4. Migration
  5. Diversity_ Varity of peoples culture


This refers to the main sources of livelihood

Economic infrastructure

They include such service or resources around networks

Social infrastructure

They include counsel of elders  religious groups e.g. professional association community based organizations, maendeleo ya wanawake social society

Land use pattern

Agriculture animal industries recreation. Foodpath_ This documents the principals stage of food chain from product-storage-distribute consumers


Footpaths aim to create paths to do two things. First, to support a right after our heart’s desire to change current unsustainable food systems especially around the area of King’s Cross. Second, to encourage university and Community to help each other.

We deliberately naming this project the King’s Cross Movement is precisely to politicizes the whole process. The creation of a public sphere of active democratic participation, demands everyone’s contribution. It’s not merely about any individual but about you and me and us. And yet, Footpaths is not a fully signpost journey to a utopia, but paths that we all have to seek and find, like any other adventurous journeys that full of mud and perhaps uncertainties and insecurity, but at the same time excitement and fun.

The good news is that we don’t have to try out everything from the scratch. London as a global city, it has so many talents, knowledge and resources around. It’s like when we travel together and we need to work together to overcome many obstacles and we need to help each other. It is great that we have a community kitchen in a community garden to start with. It is even greater that we can make this place or this project an exemplar to create the many paths towards our desired urban food systems, not to a few, but to everyone in the city.

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