Meaning and scope of project development and management.


Concept of development and management.

It’s a project sequence of unique activities having a goal or purpose and that it must be completed by a given time within budget and according to specification.

It can also be referred to any new structure plan process system large or small also mean replacement renewal of any existing.



Refers to proper utilization of resources in a given situation organization or institution.

Project management.

It’s the planning scheduling monitoring and controlling of project activities.

It’s the application of particular management knowledge, skills and technique to project activities to achieve project goals.


It refers to the process of bringing change.

The work breakdown structure represents a systematic and logical breakdown of the project into its component parts.

Importance of project parameters.

  • For effective planning by drilling the work into manageable elements which can be planned, budgeted, calculated.
  • It helps in assigning responsibilities.
  • Development of control and information / control.



When planning time it helps to determine the shortest time necessary to complete the project. The project manager needs to begging with the work breakdown structure and determine the time required to complete each sub-unit then determine the sequence submit which must be completed and which one maybe under weigh at the same time.

Characteristics of a good project

Distinct, single and deferrable goal

The project must have a goal or purpose for which it has become necessary i.e. (SMART)

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • realistic
  • Time

Unique and interdependent activities

Activities in a project are unique. A project thus has never happened before and it will never happen before and it will never happen again in the same conditions.

Temporary undertaking to be within specified time

A project is temporarily because once the goal is achieved it seizes to exist i.e. project has definite beginning and specified completion time

Within the budget

Project is temporarily because once the goal is achieved it seizes to exist i.e. project has definite beginning and specified completion time

Sequence and correctness of   activities

Project comprises of activities that must be completed in a specified order or sequence. An activity can be based on inputs and outputs of activities can be based on inputs and outputs of activities or resources to use and when to use them.

Have a sponsor or customers

Most projects have many interested parties or state holders but there should be one with first degree role of sponsorship

Project sponsors usually provide the direction and also the funding for the project

Importance of project management

  1. it helps people in the community to achieve desired goals
  2. It helps the community know how to use limited resources
  3. Equip people with knowledge of learning process
  4. Enhances mobilization and encourage participation by the community
  5. Equips the members with skills on budgeting project budgeting, project implementation and evaluation

Roles of project in development

  1. Projects are started as a result highly felt need which may be water, health facilities, food e.t.c. Project fulfill the needs and improve the living standards of people which is the overall concept of development Therefore project are the wheels of any given area
  2. Project also helps the community to achieve the desired goods thus improving their living standards
  3. Project equips people with skills on budgeting project implementation and evaluation
  4. Project helps in identifying the available resources these are the intangible and tangible things that enable people to create goods and services to satisfy all needs.
  5. It enhances mobilization and encourages participation by the community
  6. Equips people with knowledge of planning process and how they can budget for their goods
  7. Helps in designing alternatives in project evaluation
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