There are different kinds of services that consumers use every day. There are common and often used services based on the convenience and location such as dry cleaning services, cab services and so on etc.

There are also specialized services that a consumer makes an informed and calculated choice about them.

Consultancy services also fall in this category, i.e. Studies, Training, Advise, etc.

Definition of Terms
1. Consultancy Services
This refers to a procurement category focusing on the hiring of firms or individuals to provide services that are primarily intellectual in nature.
2. Proposal
It is a response from a supplier, contractor or service provider to a solicitation on request that if recommended for award would bind the supplier.
3. Scope of Services
It describes the services required and that need to be carried out in order to fulfil the contract requirements.
4. Selected Consultant
This is the consultant firm or individual recommended for a contract award as a result of the evaluation of proposals or applications received in response to a request for offers.
5. Terms of Reference
This is a document that defines all aspects of how the consultant or a team will conduct an evaluation.
6. Request for Proposal
This is the procurement process usually used when the requirement has been defined but when an innovative or flexible solution is sought.
7. Expression of Interest
A process used to shortlist potential supplier, contractors or service providers before then seeking detailed bids from the shortlisted tenders

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