Characteristics of Consultancy Services.

1. They are very personal.
This is where a customer walks in and gets what they want done and then leaves. The consultant will be one on one with their client, offering information and solution. It is of importance that a consultant be, and present themselves as being experienced, practical and
effective in the consultation they are offering.
2. Direct influence on the decision that clients make and the final outcome.
They rely completely on the accuracy, proficiency and opinion of the consultant. Therefore, wrong or inaccurate information can have a very negative impact to the detriment of both the client and the consulted.
3. The yardstick of success is total satisfaction.
In other sectors, it is a sale figure and reports of customers that count. Here it is the total satisfaction of every client that counts. Some clients consult only once while others do so periodically e.g. If a client goes on to achieve financial success after working with a
financial consultant, then the consultant can count themselves successful. Just one satisfied client can bring down a practice that was thriving.
4. A consultant basically does the work on behalf of the client.
Since a financial consultant will have to always be on top of trends e.g. the best investment to make, the stocks to drop because they look set to slide and which ones to pick up because they are on the rise.
5. Consultant is a means to an end.
The client goes in for a service from a consultant, gets it and leaves. As a consultant, you are the actual bridge between what a client wants and how they will get to it.

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