1. OPERATING SYSTEMS OVERVIEW – Click to download
  2. MEMORY MANAGEMENT – Click to download
  3. Mass-Storage Structure – Click to download 
  4. THREADS – Click to download
  5. IO Systems – Click to download


A program that acts as an intermediary between a user of a computer and the computer hardware
Operating system goals:

  • Execute user programs and make solving user problems easier
  • Make the computer system convenient to use
  • Use the computer hardware in an efficient manner

Computer System Structure
Computer system can be divided into four components

  • Hardware – provides basic computing resources CPU, memory, I/O devices
  • Operating system-Controls and coordinates use of hardware among various applications and users
  • Application programs – define the ways in which the system resources are used to solve the computing problems of the users

–  Word processors, compilers, web browsers, database systems, video games

  • Users
    – People, machines, other computers


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