Office Organization 2013 July Knec Past Paper

SECTION A (32 marks)
Answer ALL the questions in this section in the spaces provided.
I. Outline three factors that should be considered when choosing the location of office premises for an organization. (3 marks)
2. Highlight four duties of the production manager in an organization. (4 marks)
3. State three factors that should be considered when choosing the design of an office chair for an employee. (3 marks)

4. Outline three benefits that may be realized in an organization where background music is played in its offices. (3 marks)
5. State four types of information that should be contained in a contract of employment. (4 marks)
Highlight three factors that may determine the levels of wages paid to employees in an organization.

7. List three benefits of using office forms in an organization.)
8. Outline three characteristics of a good speech as a form of office communication. (3 marks)
9. State three limitations of using the numerical filing method for office records.
(3 marks)
10. Highlight three types of information that may be passed through upward communication

SECTION B (68 marks)
Answer any FOUR questions from this section in the spaces provided.
All questions carry equal marks.
Good organization should be based on certain principles.
Outline four such principles.
Stenol Ltd has been experiencing delays in locating office documents when re
Highlight six possible causes of these delays. (8 marks)(9 marks)
12. (a) Explain six ways in which a good office layout may improve efficiency in a business organization. (9 marks)
(b) Some organizations use the mobile phone money transfer service to pay wages to their employees.
Outline four benefits of using (his service. (8 marks)
13. (a) Highlight six barriers that may hinder effective communication between managers and subordinates in an organization. (9 marks)
(b) Outline four factors that may determine the method used to pay employee wages in an organization (8 marks)
14. (a) Explain six measures that may be taken by employees to maintain good human relations among themselves. (9 marks)
(b) Explain four difficulties that may be faced by a firm that adopts a functional organization structure. (8 marks)
15. (a) Artes Ltd intends to organize a conference to promote good relations with its customers.
Outline six measures that may be taken to ensure success of the conference. (9 marks)
(b) Wasorne Ltd buys its office equipment from the same manufacturer. Outline four benefits (hat (he firm may obtain from this practice.

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