E-procurement According to CIPS, e-procurement is: “The combined use of electronic information and communications technology (ICT) in order to enhance the links between customer and supplier, and with other value chain partners, and thereby to improve external and internal processes. E-Procurement is a key component of e-business and e-commerce.” Eprocurement is the term used to describe the use of electronic methods, typically over the Internet to conduct transactions between awarding authorities and suppliers.
The process of e-procurement covers every stage of purchasing, from the initial identification of a requirement, through the tendering process, to the payment and potentially the contract management

E-procurement (supplier exchange) definition; E-procurement is the business-to-business purchase and sale of supplies and services over the Internet. An important part of many B2B sites, e-procurement is also sometimes referred to by other terms, such as supplier exchange. Typically, e-procurement Web sites allow qualified and registered users to look for buyers or sellers of goods and services. Depending on the approach, buyers or sellers may specify prices or invite bids. Transactions can be initiated and completed. Ongoing purchases may qualify customers for volume discounts or special offers.

eSourcing: preparatory activities conducted by the contracting authority/entity to collect and reuse information for the preparation of a call; potential bidders may be contacted, if admitted by the legal rules, by electronic means to provide quotations or manifest interest.

eNoticing: advertisement of calls for tenders through the publication of appropriate contract notices in electronic format in the relevant Official Journal (national/EU); electronic access to tender documents and specifications as well as additional related documents are provided in a non-discriminatory way.

eAccess: electronic access to tender documents and specifications as well support to economic operators for the preparation of an offer, e.g. clarifications, questions and answers.

eSubmission: submission of offers in electronic format to the contracting authority/entity, which is able to receive, accept and process it in compliance with the legal requirements.

eTendering: is the union of the eAccess and eSubmission phases.

eAwarding: opening and evaluation of the electronic tenders received, and award of the contract to the best offer in terms of the lowest price or economically most advantageous bid.

eContract: conclusion, enactment and monitoring of a contract / agreement through electronic means between the contracting authority/entity and the winning tenderer.

eOrders: preparation and issuing of an electronic order by the contracting authority/entity and its acceptance by the contractor.

eOrder Status: preparation and delivery of status information against the eOrder.

eInvoicing: preparation and delivery of an invoice in electronic format.

ePayment: electronic payment of the ordered goods, services or works.

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