This should be the obvious answer to the question and might not be as ‗strong‘ of an ‗emergency‘ trend as it used to be, but globalisation diversity has an effect on the way we study and understand how organisations behave.

This should also be up there on the obvious list as the advancement of technology will automatically change the way that organisations function.

Changing Workforce
It is no secret that employees from ‗Baby Boom‘ are nearing the retirement age and when they do decide to retire, they are going to leave many holes in leadership but some think that the employees that make up ‗generation X‘ and ‗millennials‘ won‘t be able to fill all the potions left by ‗Baby Boomers‘

Organisations are now considering their surrounding when conducting their activities by assessing how they impact the environment. Sustainable methods of operations are the way to go since the organisations acquire raw material from the environment, they also prove to be less expensive in the long run. Environmentalism also helps increase the public‘s trust with the organisation and avoid expensive fines from regulatory authorities.

Ethical consideration
Organisations choose to act ethically and abide to the law by avoiding unfair practices and giving equal opportunities to its suppliers. This ensures long term relations with stakeholders as they have faith in the organisation‘s reputation.

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