Maintenance schedule techniques

Different types of schedules are made suiting the respective job plans and different techniques are used for making and following those schedules. The first step of all scheduling is to break the job into small measurable elements, called activities and to arrange them in logical sequences considering the preceding, concurrent and succeeding activities so that a succeeding activity should follow preceding activities and concurrent activities can start together.

Arranging these activities in different fashion makes different types of schedules. They are as follows:
1. Weekly general schedule is made to provide weeks‘ worth of work for each employee in an area.
2. Daily schedule is developed to provide a day‘s work for each maintenance employee of the area.
3. Gantt charts are used to represent the timings of tasks required to complete a project.
4. Bar charts used for technical analysis which represents the relative magnitude of the values.
5. PERT/CPM are used to find the time required for completion of the job and helps in the allocation of resources.

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