A formal definition of maintenance is ―that function of manufacturing management that is concerned with day to day problem of keeping the physical plant in good operating condition‖


  1. Minimize loss of productive time
  2. Minimize repair time & cost
  3. Keep productive assets in working condition
  4. Minimize accidents
  5. Minimize total maintenance cost
  6. Improve quality of products


  1. Dependability of service
  2. Assured quality
  3. Prevent equipment failure
  4. Cost control
  5. Huge investment in equipment

Areas of Maintenance
1. Civil maintenance- Building construction and maintenance, maintaining service facilities
2. Mechanical Maintenance- Maintaining machines and equipment‘s, transport vehicles, compressors and furnaces.
3. Electrical Maintenance- Maintaining electrical equipment‘s such as generators, transformer, motors, telephone systems, lighting, fans, etc.

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