Law of Insurance Question and Answer

Kasneb Question

(a) Distinguish between the following set of terms:
i) “Reinsurance and Double insurance”.
ii) “Insurance and Assurance”.

(b) Explain four categories of insurance covers.



Difference between reinsurance and double insurance

Whereas reinsurance refers to the spread of risk among insurance companies, whereby an insurance company that finds that it has entered into a contract which is a very expensive proposition, relieves itself by insuring part or whole of the subject matter with another insurer.


Double insurance arises when a person effects more than one insurance with different insurers on the same risk and interest, and the sums assured exceed the value of the property insured.


Difference between insurance and assurance

Whereas insurance is generally a contract of indemnify against a contingency.

The Insurer assumes the risk of the contingency in payment of a premium, so that the insured, who suffers the damage, will be compensated from a common insurance fund.


Assurance is a contract which guarantees payment of a sum on the happening of a specified event which must happen sooner or later.


Categories of insurance covers:

Life assurance

This is a contract whereby the insurer, in consideration of payment of premium undertakes to pay to the person for whose benefit the insurance is made a certain sum of money or annuity or death of the person whose life is insured.


Fire insurance

This is a contract by which the insurer or underwriter undertakes to indemnify the other against any loss or damage caused to the property insured in the event of fire.


Marine insurance

This is a contract whereby the insurer undertakes to indemnify the insured against loss arising from certain perils and sea-risks.


Burglary insurance

Burglary insurance is a contract to indemnify the insured against loss arising from burglary


Accident insurance


Motor vehicle insurance              


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