KCSE Past Papers IRE 2013 Paper 2 (314/2)

 Islamic Religious Education Paper 2 (314/2)

1. a) Discuss the effects of sexual perversions on the society. (8 marks)

b) State any five etiquettes of speech according to Islamic teachings. (5 marks)

c) Give the rationale for the prohibition of intoxicants in Islam. (7 marks)

2. a) Discuss the effects of terrorism on the society. (8 marks)

b) State the rights of a Muslim wife. (8 marks)

c) Identify four conditions to be fulfilled before the administration of the estate of a deceased Muslim. (4 marks)

3.a) Explain the Islamic teachings on the acquisition and ownership of property. (8 marks)

b) Under what circumstances is a business contract considered invalid in Islam? (7 marks)

c) Describe five measures that can be taken to guard against hoarding. (5 marks)

4.a) Describe the lessons that Muslims can learn from the Prophet’s farewell speech. (8 marks)

b) In what ways did Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) encourage religious tolerance? (6 marks)

c) State the problems faced by Ali bin Abitalib during his caliphate. (6 marks)

5. a) Discuss the challenges faced by Muslims in practising Islam in Kenya. (7 marks)

b) State the achievements of the Fattimid dynasty. (7 marks)

c) Explain the contributions of Muslims to the development of culture in East Africa. (6 marks)

6. a)Discuss the contributions of Sheikh Al-Amin Mazrui to me development of Education in East Africa. (10 marks)

b)Give a brief biography of Ibn Sina. (10 marks)


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