KCSE Past Papers 2014 English Paper 1 (101/1)

4.0 The Year 2014 KCSE Examination Marking Schemes

4.1 English (101)

4.1.1 English Paper 1 (101/1)

1. Award marks as follows:


  • Format – (5 marks)This is a friendly letter

    Address (1 mark)

    Date (1 mark)

    Salutation (1 mark)

    Closing (1 mark)

    Name (1 mark)

    – If four of the items are wrong deduct. 2 marks

    – Deduct upto 3 marks for mixed format.


  • Content – (8 marks) — greetings.— expressing thanks.

    — describing the most memorable experiences – at least 3 experiences. No marks for merely mentioning. Award for vivid and interesting description.

    – If the writer is the one being visited deduct 2 marks for irrelevancy.


  • Language use and mechanics of writing (7 marks)— correctness of expression

    — Word choice (diction)

    — variety of vocabulary and sentence structure

    — spelling

    — punctuation

    — paragraphing


    1. look

    2. path/track

    3. early/initial

    4. its

    5. in

    6. it

    7. divide/sub-divide

    8. and


    10. suitable

    3- (a) (i)The beginning – Once upon a time.


  • repetition – e.g. searched and searched, 
  • danced and danced, Mother nature, big, big. 
  • conversational words – e.g. now, well/dialogue/contracting/direct address. 
  • use of a proverb – a man is truly dead when he is not remembered. 
  • use of a song – Mother nature my people. 
  • reference to magical powers/fantasy. 
  • Timelessness – once upon a time. 
  • Hyperbole – scratching heads like children. 
  • Use of ideophone – patapata.(Any 4 well illustrated points for 4 marks each,

    no mark if an illustration is not given)

    (ii)— a hand motion that sweeps over the whole audience. (1 mark)

    – an outward opening of arms.

    (iii)— Alliteration in – mother nature, may my arrow find much meat. Sound /m/ is repeated. (2 marks)

    (iv)pata pata

    (b)aunt, ewe, hear, four/fore, ate, daze. (6 marks)

    (C)Malusu: Omenda tomorrow – falling

    Omenda: Tomorrow – rising – falling

    Malusu: forget – falling. @ – rising

    Omenda: l’m did – falling (5 marks)


  • Name of the classmate (mandatory) 
  • Time of the incident (mandatory) 
  • Details of the car i.e., any detail about the car e.g. registration/colour/make/ occupants. Both the student and the car must be described. (mandatory)(3 marks)

    (e) Mark:Martha, I would like to invite you to a football game at Kasarani Stadium tomorrow afternoon.

    Martha: Thank you but I’m not a football fan. (1 mark)

    Mark:Oh. Why is it that many girls are not football fans? Anyway, even if you don’t enjoy the game, you might enjoy my company.

    Martha: I always enjoy your company. (1 mark)

    Mark:Thank you. That is nice of you to say. So, is it a deal then?

    Martha: Yes, but on one condition.

    Mark:And what condition is that?

    Martha:That we Watch a movie after the football game. (1 mark)

    Mark:But I don’t like Watching movies. I find them so boring! (1 mark)

    Martha:Boring? In that case, I won’t accompany you to the game.

    (1 mark)

    Mark:Wait. Wait. I’m very sorry for being selfish. (1 mark)

    Martha:I don’t think you’re being selfish; all the same, I accept your apology.

    Mark:Thank you. I agree with your suggestion. A football game followed by a movie it shall be. (1 mark)

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