KCSE Past Papers 2013 HRE – Hindu Religious Education Paper 1 (413/1)

KCSE Past Papers HRE 2013

4.5.1 Hindu Religious Education Paper 1 (315/1)

1.a) List six ways in which devotees can communicate with Paramatma. (6 marks)

b) Describe ways in which students practise Dharma. (8 marks)

c) Explain the role of Paramatma in Trimurti. (6 marks)

2. a) Explain the contibution of Lord Mahavir in promoting non-violence. (10 marks)

b) Describe five teachings of Sam‘ Kabir. (10 marks)

c) Describe the role of Dhammapada in Buddhism. (10 marks)

3. State ways in which Lord Rama demonstrated that he was;

(i) an ideal son. (5 marks)

(ii) an ideal king (5 marks)

b) Describe how the control of mind helps in the practice of Indiriya Nigraha. (10 marks)

4. a) State five duties of a Vanprasthi. (5 marks)

b) Name the five daily Yajnas that a Grahasthi has to perform. (5 marks)

c) Name the three entities to whom the Buddhists pay homage in Mahamantra. (3 marks)

5. a) How can the Sikh principle of forbidding intoxicants help the Kenyan youth? . (10 marks)

b) State seven beings from whom the Jains seek for forgiveness during Pratikraman. (7 marks)

6 a) Describe how the practice of Dhyana and Dharana from Ashtang Yoga leads to Samadhi. (6 marks)

b) Identify the qualities of a devotee practising Dasyam Bhakti. (4 marks)

c) Explain the teachings of Jnana Yoga. (10 marks)

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