KCSE Past Papers 2013 English Paper 1 (101/1)

5.1 ENGLISH (101)

5.1.1 English Paper 1 (101/1)

1. Points of interpretation

(a) Must be a notice if not deduct 2 marks.

Format (3 marks)


  • Headings and subheadings – must be written clearly in catchy bold print to attract the attention of the reader. 
  • Overall presentation -attractive design, use of capital letters e.t.c. 
  • Include the followingHeading

    Name of Institution


    Format – name of a person/official designation

    Border line

    Date of notice

    Language (3 marks)v

  • Language accuracy – should communicate clearly and accurately 
  • Use short clear phrasesContent (4 marks)


  • Description of the child (2 marks)e.g. – height


  • Offer a handsome amount of money for information that will help locate the child. (1 mark) 
  • Give contact details e.g. phone number. (1 mark) 
  • complexion 
  • age (mandatory) 
  • clothing 
  • indicate child is deaf (mandatory)(b) Expect an informal letter if not deduct 2 marks.

    The letter need not be long, it is the sincerity of the tone that matters. Format (3 marks)


  • Senders address and date 
  • Salutation e.g. Dear Mrj Mrs e.t.c 
  • Signing off e.g. yours sincerely e.t.c ,Language (4 marks)


  • Ability to communicate accurately 
  • proficient use of language structures 
  • coherency 
  • appropriate punctuation 
  • Tone – should adopt a relaxed formal tone since the addressee is not known by the sender. 
  • ParagraphingContent (3 marks)


  • Sincere expression of thanks. 
  • Details of how the person who found the child will receive their reward.(appreciation (1), reward (1), how, where and when (1))

    (1) and

    (2) mind

    (3) expressing

    (4) truth

    (5) on

    (6) cowardly wrong/ bad

    (7) this/ that! it

    (8) badly/ deliberately/ purposely/ intentionally

    (9) confronting

    ( 10) farthest! next/adjacent.

    (a) (i) thinking things – must underline sound

    (ii) i, find, myself

    with, different

    thinking, things

    don’t, know

    he, me

    (iii) stress “fool” (which comes before a pause in the first utterance); also stress “black” (to distinguish it from “white” presidents); the whole group of words is an exclamation, and it would be said at a particularly high pitch/rising and falling intonation. The words would also be spoken with a knowing, comic smile.

    Use gestures and a stem ironic facial expression.

    (iv) ‘ Pronouns like other function words are stressed when they occur in a final

    position. b) Contextually the pronouns indicate a shared identity black.


  • Berry – bury
  • Cloze – clause
  • Coarse – course
  • Flaws – floorsc ) c. ol.league





    (<1) (i) d)(i)Acknowledgement (2 marks)

    Acknowledgement + greet the important people at the party: chair BOG, chair PTA, Principal, Deputy principal, Senior Teacher, Class teachers, Subject teachers, other members of the teaching staff, fellow students – greetings.

    (should follow a hierarchical order).

    (ii)Appreciation (3 marks)


  • Thank God (optional)
  • Thank the teachers/principal (mandatory)
  • Thank parents and guardians (optional)
  • Thank the organizers of the party (mandatory)
  • Thank the cooks, servers and other support staff (mandatory)
  • Thank form four students for behaving well (iii)Concluding remarks (e .g Thank you for listening to me + goodbye till we meet again – when we come for our results) (mandatory) God bless you. (1 mark)< e>Non – empathetic listener/callous/inconsiderate/insensitive/unfriendly.


  • Inattentive – absent minded
  • Impatient – interrupts Aisha’s speeches
  • Absent – minded – “what did your say?” Any two well illustrated points.(ii)Should try to enter Aisha’s world and look at things from her point of view.


  • Improve on her tum – taking and stop interrupting.
  • Should be more attentive stop being absent – minded.
  • Should stop being selfish.
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