This paper is intended to equip the candidate with the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable him/her to apply the principles of marketing and public relations in credit management.

A candidate who passes this paper should e able to:
 Demonstrate marketing principles in public relations
 Analyse the relationship between marketing and credit management
 Apply marketing skills to generate sales
 Apply marketing and public relations principles
 Demonstrate ethical codes and legal principles in marketing and public relations

9.1 Introduction to marketing
– Definition of marketing
– Importance of marketing
– Core concepts of marketing
– Marketing philosophies
– Elements of marketing
– Marketing environment

9.2 Marketing segmentation targeting and positioning strategies
– Purpose of segmentation
– Types of segmentation
– Targeting strategies
– Positioning strategies

9.3 Marketing mix
– Product classifications
– Levels of products
– New products development
– Product life cycle
– Pricing objectives
– Pricing methods
– Pricing strategies
– Buyer and competitors reactions Place
– Types of marketing channels
– Physical distribution
– Functions of marketing
– Marketing channels decision
– Channel management
– Promotion objective
– Elements of promotion mix
– Development promotion strategies
– Integrated marketing communication.

9.4 Marketing ethics
– Social responsibility and marketing tool
– Legal framework in marketing ethics
– Ethical issues in marketing

9.5 Introduction to public relations
– Meaning of public relations
– History of public relations
– Definition of public (internal and external)
– Role of publics relations in an organisation
– Tools of public relations
– Advantages of public relations
– Distinction between public relations and marketing

9.6 Public relations tools
– Definition of public relation tool
– Objectives of employee communication
– Communication crisis management
– Surveys
– Sponsorships
– Press releases
– Print media

9.7 Public relations skills
– Writing
– Designing
– Negotiation
– Photography
– Video recording

9.8 Managing employee relations
– Internal public tools
– Objectives of employee communication
– Dealing with employee communication crisis

9.9 Public relations planning
– Definition of public relations planning
– Objective of public relations planning
– Situational analysis and research
– Objective of public relations
– Strategic perspectives in public relations
– Financial and investor relations
– Charging and budgeting in public relations budget

9.10 Public relations consultancy
– Introduction to public relations consultancy
– Types of consultancy
– Services offered by consultancies public relations consultancies

9.11 Media and public relations
– Meaning and role of media relations
– Creating good media relations
– Psychological perspectives on corporate advertising
– Writing a press release
– Media interview

9.12 Legal framework of public relations
– Meaning of legal framework in public relations practice
– Role of public relations practice
– Professional bodies in public relations practice
– Government activities and lobbying from public relations perspective

9.13 Ethics and corporate social investment
– Introduction of ethics
– The roles of ethics in public relations
– Why ethics is becoming more important in public relations
– Conduct of public relations
– Ethical implications: short and long term
– Environment responsibilities
– Ethics in soliciting for clients and advertising.
9.14 Emerging issues and trends

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