Job Satisfaction and Rewards

Job satisfaction is an employee’s general attitude towards his/her job. An organizational reward system often has a significant impact on the level of employee job satisfaction. The manner in which the extrinsic rewards are dispersed can affect the intrinsic rewards (e.g. job satisfaction) of the recipient e.g. if everyone received an across the board pay increase of 5%, it is hard to derive any feeling of accomplishment from the reward. If the pay rise is however related to performance, the individuals who receive a healthy pay increase will most likely experience feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Fine components of job satisfaction are:-

  • Attitude towards the company
  • General working condition
  • Attitude towards work group
  • Monetary benefits
  • Attitude towards management

Other components include: the employees state of mind about the work itself and life in general, health, age, level of aspiration, social status, political and social activities.

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