Factors affecting Job Satisfaction

A wide range of both internal and external factors affect an employee’s level of job satisfaction. Such factors include:-

  1. Work Place Support

This refers to policies and actions such as flexible schedules that make employees feel supported by the organization.

  1. Job Quality

This is measured by autonomy, meaningfulness and opportunities for learning, advancement and job security. In contrast, actual pay and access to benefits were found to have a relatively insignificant effect on employee satisfaction.

The total impact of the above factors causes the employees to be either generally satisfied or dissatisfied with their jobs.

Employees who are satisfied with their jobs tend to be committed to the organization. They also become loyal and dependable.

Employees who are dissatisfied with their jobs tend to behave in ways that can be detrimental to the organization. Those employees are likely to experience higher rates of turnovers, absenteeism, more accidents, strikes and grievances.

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