Job Design

Job Design is the process of structuring work and designating the specific work activities of individual or group of individuals in order to achieve certain organizational objectives.

Designing a job involves making a decision as to who, what where, when, why and how the job will be performed.

The job design process can generally be divided into three phases:-

1.The specification of individual tasks i.e. What different tasks must be performed.

2.The specification of the method of performing each task i.e. How will each task be performed.

3.The combination of  different tasks into specific jobs to be assigned to individuals i.e. how the different tasks will be grouped to form jobs.

The overall goal of job design is to develop work assignments that meet the requirements of the organization as well satisfy the individual requirements of the jobholder. The key to successful job design is to balance the requirements of the organization and the jobholder.

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