Question ONE is compulsory.
Answer any other TWO questions.
This paper consists of 4 printed pages. Please turn over.

1(a) What do you understand by the concept communication process?
(b) Discuss any five fundamental components of the communication process.
(15 marks)
(c) Explain what a student might do to overcome examination anxiety.
(10 marks)
2 (a) Discuss any five types of Libraries. (10 marks)
(b) You have been given an assignment of which you need to look for a book in the university library. Describe the procedure that you would use to locate the material. (10 marks)
3 Discuss any five factors that are likely to affect effective listening.
(20 marks)
4 Keziah’ a first year student at Maasai Mara University, has been experiencing difficulties to remember her lecture and study content. Explain the strategies that would help her to enhance her memory. (20 marks)
5 Read the following passage and questions that follow:
Two weeks ago, we marked the Day of the African Child, without a public holiday or any pomp. Yet our children are dying, physically and emotionally. Eight hundred abortions are performed daily in Uganda, while 850,000 women have unwanted pregnancies every year.
The Ugandan population secretariat indicates that out of the 1.2 million pregnancies recorded in Uganda annually, 25% of these are teenage pregnancies. These numbers caused a lot of debate, but nobody seems to have any solutions.
There was a video doing the rounds of a woman in Tororo who was beating up a little girl. The woman later identified as Fazira Nake, a charcoal dealer, claimed that the child had swallowed a UGX100 coin (sh3). She is seen beating the girl with a shoe, pulling her up by her chicks and finally kicking her several times while verbally abusing her.
The baby cries helplessly as the neighbours look on. The neighbour who recorded the video said they were tired of the battering but could not report to the authorities as that would be lugabo (gossip).They said that she denied the child food and water and beats her over any misdemeanor. Thank God for social medial because once the video went viral, the police asked the public to help identify the woman. She is the wife of a WFP driver who rarely spends time at home.
The girl is her step-daughter, and perhaps she is frustrated by having to provide for the child of another woman. In this case, would it have been better for the young child not to have been born, seeing as the father cannot take care of her own child and leaves the upbringing to an inhuman barbaric woman?
If such a child was a teen, she would probably run away and fall into the arms of any man who would offer her shelter, food or even show her a bit of love. Such a child has only known pain and fear from a young age and the seed of low self-esteem has been sown- it is very difficult to uproot such a foul root.
It is even worse if the teen is idle with no occupation to keep her busy or to put money in her pocket. Take the case of Nabagulanyi a 19-year-old Form Three school drop-out whose father failed to keep up with school fees payment for her and her five siblings.
Her mother noticed suspicious behavior and observed her keenly for some days to confirm that she was pregnant. When Nabagulanyi’s father was told of the condition, he wanted to know who the culprit was. Like any other teenager who found herself accidentally in the family way, she did not want to confess. So the father dragged her to the police station in the company of some local council officials and ordered to be caned.
“The police officer battered me with a whip aiming at my stomach which I kept protecting until I started urinating and defecating on my pants. I also vomited several times before my mother came to my rescue”.
This could be one of the reasons our daughters opt to go to some backroom quack or some dark dingy hut where they will get ‘treatment’. We want our children to abstain but we don’t show them love and acceptance when they fail. Parents be gentle with your children.
( By Crazy Monday)
(i) How was the day of the African Child marked? (2 marks)
(ii) Describe the kind of death that children undergo. (4marks)
(iii) What was the occupation of the woman who was caught beating the child? (2marks)
(iv) How does the woman molest the child? (4 marks)
(v) Why was the child being beaten? (2marks)
(vi) Explain the pain and suffering that the child underwent.(3marks)
(vii) Describe the character of the woman beating the child. (2marks)
(viii) Why was Nabagulanyi taken to the police station? (3marks)

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