CPA Intermediate Level

  1. Company Law
  2. Financial Management
  3. Financial Reporting and Analysis(Incorporation of IPSAS)
  4. Auditing and Assurance
  5. Management Accounting
  6. Public Finance and Taxation



  • Demonstrate knowledge of the law and regulations governing corporate entities and ensure compliance in practice
  • Apply financial planning tools to analyse an entity’s financial requirements and advise on various financial proposals including projects and dividends. Implement public financial management regulations at middle management levels
  • Prepare and analyse financial statements including for non-complex consolidated entities, and account for specialised transactions. Apply non-complex international Public Sector Accounting Standards in government accounting
  • Perform audit and assurance procedures in non-complex environments and prepare preliminary reports.
  • Prepare various management accounts including budgets and analyse costs and variances for decision making
  • Prepare non-complex tax computations for individuals and corporate and advice on tax matters



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