Interest and Dividends received

The auditor should examine the separate ledger accounts kept for each investment or loan given. The dates on which dividends or interest payments generally fall due should also be noted. The counterfoil of dividend warrants should be seen. These should be tallied with the records of investment. Where investments are sold ex-dividend, it should be seen that the dividends are subsequently received.
Similarly when a purchase is on cum dividend basis, the receipt of dividend should be checked. In case of interest on deposit with banks, verification should be done by reference to the bank’s statement and the agreed rate of interest. The receipts of dividends and interest should be addressed to the bank statement for encashment. It should be ensured that the interest and dividend received are credited to
the respective account in full i.e., before deduction of tax at source and the tax deducted at source should be debited to an appropriate account. It should be further seen that the certificate for tax deducted at source exists in each case.

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