Insurance Claims

Insurance claims may be in respect of fixed assets or current assets. While vouching the receipts of insurance claims, the auditor should examine a copy of the insurance claim lodged with the insurance company. Correspondence with the insurance company and the insurance agent should also be seen. Counterfoils of the receipts issued to the insurance company should also be seen. The auditor should
also determine the adjustment of the amount received in excess or short of the value of the actual loss as per the insurance policy. The copy of certificate/report containing full particulars of the amount of loss should also be verified. The accounting treatment of the amount received should be seen particularly to ensure that revenue is credited with the appropriate amount and that in respect of claim against an
asset, the profit and loss account is debited with the shortfall of the claim admitted against the book value. If the claim was lodged in the previous year but no entries were passed, entries in the profit and loss account should be appropriately described.

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