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This paper is made up of fifty (50) Multiple Choice Questions. Answer ALL questions by indicating the letter (A, B, C or D) that represents the correct answer. Each question is allocated two (2) marks. Do NOT write anything on this paper.

1. __________________ computers are lower than mainframe computers in terms of speed and storage capacity.

A. Macro
B. Hybrid
C. Mini
D. Super (2 marks)

2. ______________________ is NOT an example of a system software.

A. Language translator
B. Utility software
C. Communication software
D. Word processor (2 marks)

3. __________________ generation of computers used vacuum tubes as their basic components.

A. 1st
B. 2nd
C. 3rd
D. 4th (2 marks)

4. _______________are used for interconnecting dissimilar networks that use different communication protocols.

A. Switches
B. Gateways
C. Routers
D. Bridges (2 marks)

5. _____________________is a type of a printer that prints one line at a time and has a predefined set of characters.

A. Laser
B. Drum
C. Inkjet
D. Impact (2 marks)

6. Output devices are key resources in a computer system. Which of the following is NOT a function of an output unit?

A. It produces results that can be easily understood by the user
B. It accepts the results produced by the computer
C. It supplies the data and instructions to the outside world
D. It supplies the data and instructions to a computer for further processing (2 marks)

7. _________________enables you to calculate numbers related to rows and columns.

A. Window program
B. Spreadsheet program
C. Graphics program
D. Word program (2 marks)

8. _________________ acts as an intermediary between a computer user and the computer hardware.

A. Operating system
B. User thread
C. Superuser thread
D. Application program (2 marks)

9. In computer development, Integrated Circuit (IC) has played a crucial role. The use of IC in a computer has _____________________.

A. Increased the amount of heating
B. Reduced the size and cost of computers
C. Reduced the peripheral devices to be used
D. Reduced the performance capacity of the computer (2 marks)

10. In computer development, the second-generation computer was based on ________________.

A. Transistor
B. Electron tube
C. Electron ray
D. Vacuum tube (2 marks)

11. _______________is a device that can be used for both input and output processes.

A. Monitor
B. Speaker
C. Scanner
D. Modem (2 marks)

12. _________________is a word processing feature that catches most random typographical errors.

A. Grammar checker
B. Spell checker
C. Word checker
D. Find and replace (2 marks)

13. __________________refers to a temporary storage area that compensates for differences in data rate and data flow between devices.

A. Buffer
B. Bus
C. Channel
D. Modem (2 marks)

14. In a CPU, choose the part that interprets a program’s instructions to initiate the control operations.

A. Logic unit
B. Control unit
C. Storage unit
D. Input (2 marks)

15. _________________refers to a collection of two or more computers that are located within a limited distance of each other and are connected to each other directly or indirectly.

A. Internet
B. Intranet
C. Local Area Network
D. Wide Area Network (2 marks)

16. – is an example of:

B. An access code
C. A directory
D. A server (2 marks)

17. Which of the following statement refers to a web browser?

A. A kind of spider
B. A computer that stores World Wide Web files
C. A person who likes to look at websites
D. A software program that allows you to access sites on the World Wide Web (2 marks)

18. ___________________ refers to a network whose elements may be separated by some distance. It usually involves two or more small networks and dedicated high-speed telephone lines.

A. URL (Universal Resource Locator)
B. LAN (Local Area Network)
C. WAN (Wide Area Network)
D. World Wide Web (2 marks)

19. In word processing, a document’s background color cannot be seen in which of the following view?

A. Web layout view
B. Print Preview
C. Reading View
D. Print Layout view (2 marks)

20. The following statements are true about RAM EXCEPT__________________.

A. RAM is a temporary storage area
B. RAM is the same as hard disk storage
C. RAM is volatile
D. Information stored in RAM is gone when you turn off the computer (2 marks)

21. ________________feature enables us to send the same letter to different persons in word processing application.

A. Mail join
B. Mail copy
C. Mail insert
D. Mail merge (2 marks)

22. Which of the following is NOT a feature of a spreadsheet software?

A. Conditional formatting
B. IF statements
C. Mail merge
D. VLOOKUP (2 marks)

23. The following are types of file attributes EXCEPT________________.

A. Read-only
B. Archive
C. Random access
D. Hidden (2 marks)

24. A device that allows multiple computers to communicate with each other over a network is known as__________.

A. Network hub
B. Repeater
C. Modem
D. Network cable (2 marks)

25. Which of the following application software is capable of organising, storing and analysing data in tabular form?

A. Spreadsheet
B. Database
C. Word processing
D. Accounting (2 marks)

26. Which of the following is TRUE about sharing a computer file?

A. Saves processing time
B. Increases storage space
C. Risk of infection is high
D. Increases its integrity (2 marks)

27. What is defined as a set of rules that governs communication between computers on a network?

A. Port
B. Protocol
C. Channel
D. Router (2 marks)

28. Which of the following is NOT a feature of a presentation software?

A. Different slide layouts
B. Animation effects
C. Mail merge
D. Transition effects (2 marks)

29. Which of the following is NOT a function in a spreadsheet application?

A. Average
B. Mem
C. Rank
D. Sum (2 marks)

30. ________________ is the operating speed of a computer or its microprocessor, expressed in cycles per second?

A. Bus speed
B. Clock speed
C. RAM speed
D. Pulse speed (2 marks)

31. When setting up a local area network in an office, which of the following components is NOT necessary?

A. Switch
B. Repeater
C. Twisted pair cable
D. Computers (2 marks)

32. In a presentation software, what is the name of a predefined set of colours, fonts, and visual effects that you apply to your slides for a unified, professional look?

A. Slide show
B. Animation
C. Transition
D. Theme (2 marks)

33. ______________________ is the extension of PowerPoint Show.

A. .pptx
B. .ppsx
C. .ppt
D. .ps (2 marks)

34. Excel workbook is a collection of ___________________.

A. Worksheets and charts
B. Graphs and images
C. Sheets and images
D. Video and audio (2 marks)

35. Computerised accounting software is specifically designed for?

A. Managing inventory in a warehouse
B. Creating 3D graphics and animations
C. Tracking financial transactions and generating financial reports
D. Conducting scientific research and data analysis (2 marks)

36. When creating user accounts on a computer network, which factor is typically used for authentication?

A. Username and password
B. IP address and subnet mask
C. MAC address and hostname
D. Password and server name (2 marks)

37. Which network resource is commonly used for storing and organising files in a computer network?

A. Folders
B. Files
C. Printers
D. Servers (2 marks)

38. Which category of computer software includes programs that provide additional functionality to the operating system, such as antivirus software or file compression tools?

A. System software
B. Application software
C. Utility programs
D. Operating software (2 marks)

39. Identify the best comparison and contrast of Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) from the statements below.

A. LAN covers a small area, while WAN covers a large geographic area
B. LAN typically has higher speed compared to WAN
C. LAN offers local accessibility, while WAN offers remote accessibility
D. WAN covers a larger area and has slower speed compared to LAN (2 marks)

40. The component in the Central Processing Unit (CPU), which sends out regular electrical pulses and keeps time for all the components is known as_________________.

A. Bus
B. Register
C. Clock
D. Port (2 marks)

41. The following are characteristics of secondary memory, EXCEPT_______________.

A. It is volatile in nature
B. It is less costly in comparison to primary memory
C. The storage capacity is quite high and scalable
D. It is removable or fixed as per the requirement (2 marks)

42. Which of the following is NOT an example of a word processing software?

A. Ms Word
B. Word wrap
C. LibreOffice Writer
D. Google Docs (2 marks)

43. In an operating system, which is the user account with the highest privilege?

A. Super user
B. Local user
C. Guest user
D. Remote user (2 marks)

44. An operating system which allows many users to share computer resources simultaneously is referred to as?

A. Batch system
B. Time sharing system
C. Distributed system
D. Multiuser system (2 marks)

45. What is the name of the input device shown below?

A. Digital tablet
B. Light pen
C. Joystick
D. Barcode reader (2 marks)

46. Why is it necessary to format a worksheet in a spreadsheet software?

A. To enable a worksheet to open faster
B. To distinguish one worksheet from another
C. To help improve the readability of a worksheet
D. To prove user’s artistic skills (2 marks)

47. Which of the following BEST describes cold booting?

A. It is a method of restarting a computer that is already on without completely turning it off
B. It is the process of starting a computer from shutdown and setting it to normal working condition
C. It is a backup facility that has the necessary electrical and physical components of a computer facility, but does not have the computer equipment in place
D. It is a type of facility an organisation uses to recover its technology infrastructure when its primary data centre goes down (2 marks)

48. The following are some reasons for renaming a file, EXCEPT______________.

A. To back up files to be used later in the recovery process in case of damage
B. To correct obvious errors in filenames, including misspelled proper nouns, incorrect dates, and
misidentified objects
C. To harmonise the names of a set of images so that only one part of all names differs
D. To change from a meaningless or ambiguous name to a name that describes what the image particularly displays (2 marks)

49. A modification to a program to improve its security, performance, or other feature is known as____________.

A. Software patch
B. Software version
C. Backup
D. Recovery (2 marks)

50. The following requirements are necessary when choosing an appropriate accounting package. Which one is NOT?

A. Size of business
B. Features available
C. Vendor support
D. Type of processor (2 marks)

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